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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 10/27/2021
1Can my Xendit account activation be rejected?Yes, we are assessing your business eligibility based on your website, documents submission, and nature of your business. If your activation request is rejected, we will notify you via email and Whatsapp with the details of the reason. Alternatively, you can reach out to our CS team to find out more.
2Can my Xendit account be suspended?Yes, your account can be suspended if our risk and compliance team found any prohibited activities in your account (including but not limited to fraud, selling your Xendit account, etc). Contact our CS team to understand more about your suspension reason.
3Can I integrate more than 1 website to 1 Xendit account?Technically, integrating multiple websites to 1 Xendit account is possible. However, we don't recommend this practice as this might create difficulties in your day to day operations and reconciliation process.
If your business has multiple websites/branches, we recommend you to check our Xenplatform product here.
4What are the differences between an individual account and a business account?Business accounts will be eligible to use the full suite of our products, meanwhile individual accounts are only eligible for some products.
Check here to know more about what products are eligible for your business type
5I want to upgrade my account from an individual account to a business account, how do I do that?You can upgrade your account from an individual account to business account by contacting your Account Manager or Sales Representative. If you don’t know who your AM/Sales Rep is, feel free to reach out to our CS team.
6I input wrong details/submitted wrong documents during my activation request, how do I change it?You can change your details/documents even after your request for activation has been submitted by contacting our CS team. Inform us regarding your request and we will help you.
7I requested for channel activation but it has not been activated until now, why does that happen?The delay in the channel activation process can be caused by multiple reasons. It can be caused by the delay in our partner and missing requirements (docs, information) among other things.

Reach out to our CS team and we will help you to understand more about your channel activation process.
8Can I turn off my payment methods? How?To turn off payment methods for Invoice users, simply adjust your Invoice payment settings in Dashboard to turn on or turn off payment methods. Future invoice will no longer create the removed payment method. Existing and past Invoices won't be impacted by the adjustment. You can always turn on the payment method again anytime you want by following the same steps. Learn more on how to customize your Invoice here.

For API users, remove bank code or channel code value in your API request to turn off a particular payment channel. You can test your changes in Test mode before deploying to Live mode