Xendit Subscriptions product offers our merchants the ability to set up subscription billing flexibly and easily. Xendit is able to help our merchants collect payments on a scheduled basis as defined by our merchants, be it weekly, monthly or yearly. More than just automated scheduling, our Subscriptions product focuses on optimal end user experience and maximizing successful payments with advanced features.

This documentation provides an overview of important subscriptions concepts, explanation of logics, as well as a walkthrough of the integration based on your use case.

Supported use cases:

Use case Description
Subscriptions fixed billingScheduled auto debit/ merchant initiated deductions of fixed amount on regular time intervals
Subscriptions usage based billingScheduled auto debit/ merchant initiated deductions of varying amount on regular time intervals, merchant will need to update final amount for deductions based on end user consumption

Why use Xendit Subscriptions?

  1. Widest range of payment methods - Xendit’s Subscriptions product allows Subscriptions merchants to collect payments from credit cards, eWallets and direct debit payment methods
  2. Simple and flexible integration - Integrate once to get access to all available and future payment methods on Xendit regionally. Serve different subscriptions models with the same integration
  3. Advanced features to maximize payment success - Our product includes payment retries, end user notifications, end user portals for reconciliation of failed payments. Automate and maximize your success rates!
  4. Reliable service uptime - Proven track record with large and small customers for high service uptime and quick response time.

Last Updated on 2023-07-25