What is a Batch Disbursement?

Batch disbursement allows the execution of multiple disbursement transactions to banks across Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam through a single excel file upload. The batch disbursement process removes the hassle of executing many manual transfers, thus increasing the success rate of disbursements. When transactions are successful, the merchant receives an email notification and the receiver receives a payment proof.

Advantages of using batch disbursement:

  • Quick, simple, and no technical integration required from the merchant
  • Semi-automated flow - quicker disbursements and an increased success rate
  • Process disbursements at any time, including weekends
  • No more bank tokens
  • A disbursement report sent via email and payment proof sent to the customer’s email immediately after successful disbursements

How are Xendit's batch disbursements different from a bank's batch transfer services?

Bank batch transfers Xendit batch disbursement
Long integration process - takes more than 3 months with a bank 3 days integration (1 day to develop, 1 day to test, 1 day to go live)
Transaction using tokens No tokens
Transactions done in batches which takes a longer time to send Transactions done instantly any time, including weekends
Manual batch uploads means a team is needed to do billing. Scaling of transactions means hiring more people Automatic, line by line reconciliation to indicate which transactions have succeeded or failed
Prone to human error Done automatically, no human errors

When to use a Batch Disbursement?

For batch disbursements, there is no daily limit on the number & amount of transactions or the number of batches. Nevertheless, there is a maximum limit of 10000 transactions per batch. As an example, to disburse 5000 transactions, users would only need to upload one batch disbursement excel file. But to disburse to 15000 recipients, users would have to upload two batch disbursement excel files.

Some use cases of Batch Disbursement:

  • E-commerce companies disbursing multiple transactions to transfer money to suppliers, vendors, logistic fleets, or refunds to customers
  • Any company that needs to disburse monthly payrolls to its employees for salaries and other incentives.

Last Updated on 2023-11-06