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Fees & Taxes

Product fees

All products in Xendit have fees that are applied to the processing of those transactions. There are different fee types and fee ranges depending on the product being used. For better visibility on how fees and VAT (value added tax) applied in your transaction, check Xendit calculater feature below:

The table below gives the latest standard fees being applied across the products on offer.

Indonesia 🇮🇩

ProductFee TypeStandard Fee Rate
Virtual Account - AggregatorFixed feeIDR 4,000
Virtual Account - SwitcherFixed fee + Bank feeIDR 2,000 + Bank fee*
IDR 5,000 (DBS) + Bank fee*

* Bank fees are determined by each bank and are based on direct agreements between the merchant and the bank
Retail OutletFixed fee / Percentage feeIDR 5,000 (Alfamart)
IDR 5,000-10,000 or 1.5% - (Indomaret)*

* Price will be determined by Indomaret based on business industry
Credit Cards - AggregatorFixed fee + Percentage feeIDR 2,000 + 2.9%
Credit Cards - SwitcherFixed fee + Percentage feeIDR 2,000 + 2.9%
EwalletPercentage fee1.5% (DANA)
1.5% (AstraPay)
2% (JeniusPay)

1.5% - 3.18% (OVO)
  • 2.73% OVO for Indonesian Digital Content Merchants
  • 3.18% OVO for Foreign Digital Content Merchants

  • 2% - 4% (ShopeePay)
  • 2% ShopeePay for Retail Merchants (inclusive of VAT)
  • 4% ShopeePay for Gaming, Content and Digital Products Merchants (inclusive of VAT)

  • 1.5% - 3.15% (LinkAja)
  • 2.7% LinkAja for Indonesian Gaming, Content and Digital Products Merchants
  • 3.15% LinkAja for Foreign Gaming, Content and Digital Products Merchants
  • 1.5% LinkAja for all other merchants
  • PaylaterPercentage fee1.7% (Akulaku)
    5% (Atome)
    1.75% (Indodana)
    2.3% (Kredivo)
    1.8% (UangMe)
    QRISPercentage fee0.7% (inclusive of VAT)
    Direct DebitPercentage fee + Bank fee1.9% (BRI)
    IDR 4.500 (Mandiri)
    IDR 2.500 + Bank fee (BCA KlikPay - Switcher)*

    * Bank fees are determined by each bank and are based on direct agreements between the merchant and the bank.
    DisbursementsFixed feeIDR 5,000


    Xendit is a PKP company (PKP means that the company is obliged to pay tax to Government). Therefore, Xendit will send Tax Invoice (Faktur Pajak) for every issued invoice. Tax Invoice is the proof that Xendit has charged VAT to Merchants. Merchants do not need to pay the Tax Invoice since it’s already included in the Invoice.

    Withholding Tax (PPh 23)


    All Xendit services are subjected to PPh23

    Regarding the Invoice Status and Tax Slip (Bukti Potong), to streamline the payment experience for you, going forward, we would like to propose the following flow:

    • Xendit sends the invoice to Merchants
    • Merchants settle the invoice in FULL amount
    • Merchants pay 2% for PPh 23 to the government. (Please refer to our company information below)
    • Merchants send us the original tax slip (Bukti Potong​) using a traceable courier such as JNE / TIKI / etc. to our mailing address
    • Merchants send us scanned copy of tax slip and the courier receipt for proof of dispatch to​
    • Once the original tax slip is received we will proceed to reimburse the 2% Tax To Your Xendit Dashboard within two working days
    • Invoice will be cleared

    Below is our company information to fill in in the tax slip (​Bukti Potong​) :

    • Company name : PT Sinar Digital Terdepan
    • NPWP : 76.527.674.6-064.000
    • Address : Grand Panglima Polim Kav 78, Jl. Panglima Polim Raya No.16-17, Pulo, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12160

    Address information to send the original tax slip (​Bukti Potong​) :

    • UP : Finance – Accounting

    • Address :
      Gedung Victoria lt. 7 , Jl. Sultan Hasanudin No.47-51, RT.6/RW.2, Melawai, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160

    Philippines 🇵🇭

    ProductFee TypeStandard Fee Rate
    Retail Outlet (Over-the-counter)Fixed fee / Percentage feePHP 15 or 1.5% (7-Eleven) whichever is higher
    PHP 25 (Cebuana, LBC, RD Pawnshop)
    1.5% (ECPay)
    PHP 25 (ECPay - Lending or Loan payments)
    PHP 20 (CVM, M Lhuillier, Palawan, USSC)
    Credit Cards - AggregatorFixed fee + Percentage feePHP 10 + 3.2% (Local Cards)
    PHP 10 + 4.2% (Internationally-issued cards charged in PHP)
    USD 1 + 4% (Cards charged in USD)
    EwalletPercentage fee2.3% (Gcash)
    1.8% (Maya)
    2% (Grabpay)
    2% (ShopeePay)
    PaylaterPercentage fee1.5% (Billease)
    1.6% (Cashalo)
    Direct DebitFixed Fee or Percentage feePHP 15 or 1% whichever is higher
    DisbursementsFixed feePHP 10

    Aggregator and Switcher have different fund flow

    For more information or to reach Sales, please visit this page

    VAT collected by Xendit

    As Xendit is registered as a PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) entity, it designates the responsibility of collecting taxes from our customers on us. This means that for every transaction that has a fee applied to the transaction, the taxes will be added on top of the fee amount when the billing amount is settled (which depends on the deduction type of the product).

    In Indonesia the value added tax is called PPN (Pajak Pertambahan Nilai) and it is a set rate of 11% (as of April 1st 2022) on top of the fees incurred to process the transaction. Certain industries are exempted from this PPN rate, and if you are operating in one of those industries please reach out to your AM or our finance department ( to in order to apply for the tax exemption**(Note: Documentation will be required)


    Q: For Philippines market, what would be the basis of fee computation of periodic billing (i.e., month)?

    • For Direct Billing : Merchants can refer to the Balance History Tab in their Dashboard to download Date ranges relative to the period they want to confirm or record. We recommend that you create a pivot table considering these items: Line Type, Amount
    • For Indirect Billing : Merchants can refer to the Billing Statement provided to them

    Q: For Philippines market, how to withhold from Xendit fees?

    • For Direct Billing : Merchants can compute the withholding tax based on the fees captured in the above FAQ and multiply it to the applicable withholding tax rate. Typically it is 2% with ATC either WC120 or WC160.

    • Provide to our Customer Success team via the 2307 with the following details:

      Company Name: Xendit Philippines Inc.
      Ignition Venture Studio
      North Penthouse Marajo Tower
      312, 26th St. Cor. 4th Ave.
      Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634.
      TIN: 010- 429-507-000

    Q: For Philippines market, when will the official receipt be available?

    Usually, official receipts (ORs) will be processed within the 3rd week of the following month (i.e., OR for January transactions will be available by 3rd week of February). In this regard, we encourage you to send your request and follow-up within that week to our Customer Success team via

    For Top Withholding Agent who are required to withhold taxes, please provide the 2307 on the 2nd week of the following month when the fee is billed for us to have time to validate

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