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Fees and VAT

Last updated 01/12/2022

Product fees

All products in Xendit have fees that are applied to the processing of those transactions. There are different fee types and fee ranges depending on the product being used. The table below gives the latest standard fees being applied across the products on offer,

ProductFee TypeStandard Fee Rate
Virtual Account - AggregatorFixed feeIDR 4,500
Virtual Account BCA - SwitcherFixed fee{...} + IDR 1,000
Virtual Account (Other than BCA) - SwitcherFixed fee{...} + IDR 2,000
DisbursementsFixed feeIDR 5,000
Retail OutletFixed feeIDR 5,000
Credit Cards - AggregatorFixed fee + Percentage feeIDR 2,000 + 2.9%
Credit Cards - SwitcherFixed fee + Percentage feeIDR 2,000 + 2.9%
Fraud DetectionFixed feeIDR 1,000
EwalletPercentage fee1.5%
Cardless CreditPercentage fee2.3%
QRISPercentage fee0.636%
Direct DebitPercentage fee1.9%
Name ValidatorFixed feeIDR 250

Note: For Virtual Account - switcher product eg: VA BCA, there will be a separately agreed fee between merchant and bank

Aggregator and Switcher have different fund flow

For more information or to reach Sales, please visit this page

VAT collected by Xendit

As Xendit is registered as a PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) entity, it designates the responsibility of collecting taxes from our customers on us. This means that for every transaction that has a fee applied to the transaction, the taxes will be added on top of the fee amount when the billing amount is settled (which depends on the deduction type of the product).

In Indonesia the value added tax is called PPN (Pajak Pertambahan Nilai) and it is a set rate of 10% on top of the fees incurred to process the transaction. Certain industries are exempted from this PPN rate, and if you are operating in one of those industries please reach out to your AM or our finance department (finance-indonesia@xendit.co) to in order to apply for the tax exemption**(Note: Documentation will be required)