Simplified payments for SaaS platforms, marketplaces or other businesses

xenPlatform provides the tools that enable you to manage complex payments flows within your Platform.

Using our APIs, you may accept payments from major payment methods, and flexibly route these payments across your Platform to various Partners (e.g. sellers, vendors).

Our software suite allows you to:

  1. Create and onboard Accounts at scale
  2. Accept, split and disburse payments on their behalf
  3. Monitor activity on 1 consolidated dashboard

Regardless of whether you are running: i) a marketplace for Ecommerce, ii) a SaaS platform for Accounting Platform, or some other type of platform, we can help streamline your payments infrastructure.

Focus on your business, and not payments complexity!

You may enable xenPlatform via your Xendit dashboard once you log in.

Understanding xenPlatform and the terms that we use

Terms that we use

We refer to the parties that you need to manage payments for – sellers, retail branches, drivers, etc. – as Partners. Your platform is referred to as a Platform.

For each Partner you will need to create an account. The account is where all transactions are processed. The balance and transactions of accounts are recorded separately from your Platform. Its identifier – id* – is used when creating any transaction (e.g. Card charge, Disbursement), or when splitting payments and transferring funds between accounts.

ConceptRepresented by
Your Platform businessPlatform Account
Your Partners (e.g. sellers, retail branches, drivers, etc.)Partner Account

*We are in the process of standardising our API nomenclature. You may in some cases find the account referenced as user_id or owner_id or business_id. These terms are synonymous.

Please contact us if you need help with your integration.

Last Updated on 2023-06-30