Credit / Debit Cards

Despite only ~2% of Indonesians owning credit / debit cards, these remain important payment methods to provide your customers with a complete payments suite. Credit cards are often the preferred method of payment for tourists or foreigners resident in Indonesia, and the convenience of credit card payments helps remove points of friction in the payment process.

Xendit enables you to seamlessly charge local and international credit / debit cards that are on Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. We build our integrations to optimize card acceptance rates for all the cards that we help you accept. To date, we’ve charged cards from over 100 countries.

Why Use Xendit for Cards?

On top of having leading acceptance rates for domestic and international credit / debit cards, as well as robust fraud detection systems, our suite of Cards features includes support for:

  • Types: One-time and recurring payments
  • Verification: Perform a $0-authentication to check that a card is activated and enabled for e-commerce
  • Authentication: Dynamic 3D Secure for increased acceptance rates
  • Merchant ID routing: Optimize your available MIDs for better acceptance rates and lower fees

Our card processing system is protected by the same fraud detection and prevention systems used by Visa. Like our other payment methods, all cards transactions are reflected in the Xendit Dashboard.

Cards Payment Flow

Getting Started

The two main methods of accepting card payments with Xendit are:


  • Please see the Invoices section for more information on payment methods via the Invoice product

Cards APIs

  • Please continue to the onboarding & activation section

Last Updated on 2023-05-19