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Last updated 08/28/2019


Welcome! Xendit’s mission is to deliver automated payment infrastructure solutions for your business. We help with both money in (collecting payments) and money out (disbursements). Our users range from platforms businesses, fin-tech, e-commerce, and everything else in between.

Benefits of Xendit

Xendit provides a number of benefits to help merchants run their business:

  • Accept payments and send payments easily
  • Go Live in less than a day
  • Instant transfers
  • Daily reconciliation
  • Simple & competitive pricing – no hidden fees
  • Scale automatically

Try us today!

You can immediately start using Xendit’s test mode by creating a free Xendit account at dashboard.xendit.co. Once you log into the website, our documentation will help walk you through our product suite.  For any other questions, please contact us.

Creating a Xendit account

Creating a Xendit account is easy! To integrate with Xendit, follow the steps below:

1. Register for a Xendit account here:  https://dashboard.xendit.co/register/1. Then, you will be able to use your account in Test Mode and test out Xendit features, where all transactions are simulations.

2. Activate your account to Live Mode: Follow the steps on your Dashboard to “Activate your account” and go Live with Xendit. A step-by-step instruction guide will be provided to you on the Homepage of the Dashboard.

3. Fill up the account activation form, and upload required legal documents.

4. Your data will be reviewed by our team and you will be contacted during our KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

5. Our team will send you a Service Agreement Letter for your signature and thereafter, your account is ready to be made Live.

Note : This process takes around 1 week.

The documents required to register in Xendit will be different depending on your business type.

Indonesia Entity:

Business as an Indonesian Individual

  1. KTP
  2. Tax Number/ NPWP
  3. Copy of Bank Book
  4. Promotion material (such as IG Account, websites etc)
  5. BPOM license (for Individuals selling food, cosmetics and medication)

General Corporate Business (PT, CV, PMA)

  1. Akta Pendirian
  2. Latest Akta Perubahan
  3. SK Menkeh Akta Pendirian
  4. SK Menkeh Akta Perubahan
  5. Copy of Company bank book
  6. Director KTP or Passport
  7. Director Tax Number/NPWP
  8. Company Tax Number/ NPWP
  9. SIUP, TDP, Surat Domisili or NIB
  10. Business License according to business Activity

Foundation type (Educational, Health Service, Religion Activity, Social Donation)

  1. Akta Pendirian
  2. Latest Akta Perubahan
  3. SK Menkeh Akta Pendirian
  4. SK Menkeh Akta Perubahan
  5. TDY (Tanda Daftar Yayasan)
  6. Copy of Yayasan bank book
  7. Chairman's KTP
  8. Business License according to Foundation Activity
  9. Foundation Tax number/ NPWP
  10. Chairman Tax Number/ NPWP

Foreign Entity:

Business as a Foreign Individual

  1. Passport
  2. Tax Number/ NPWP
  3. Copy of Indonesian bank account book
  5. Promotion material

General Corporate Business

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. Business license from respective regulators
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Director's passport
  5. Director’s Tax number/NPWP/Indonesia working permit
  6. Copy of Indonesian bank account book

Go-live Checklist

When you’re ready to fully integrate with Xendit, please use our go-live checklist below:

1. Complete company information: Make sure that you have reviewed your company information in the dashboard as incorrect information may cause confusion and disputes.

2. Set up bank account information: To avoid transfer delays, make sure that you provide us with the correct bank details before accepting money (account holder’s name, account number, bank codes, etc.). You will also have to confirm your default currency especially on transactions with multiple currencies.

3. Edge case testing: We recommend that you thoroughly test before going live. We've provided a development environment in Test Mode (navigate via the Dashboard sidebar) where you can do test transactions to understand how the products work, without using real money. We’ve created test scenarios for balances, invoices, fixed virtual accounts, and disbursements. If you are a developer and integrating with our APIs, you should also test your integration with incomplete data, missing and duplicate values. Once you are satisfied, mark this task as complete.

4. Define callback URLs: If you are using our APIs, a few of our APIs will send you a callback to inform you of successful payments across money-in and money-out transactions. For these to work, you need to first define your callback URLs. You can set up your callback URLs and test them via the dashboard. This check will ensure that you have a URL set and that it returns a response.

Activating Payment Methods and Disbursement product

Remember to activate the various Payment Methods you would like to use (e.g. VAs, Retail Outlets, eWallets, etc) for accepting money from your customers or Disbursement product for sending money to your customers.

  1. Activate Payment Methods: Settings > Accepting Money > Payment Methods
  2. Activate Disbursements: Settings > Sending Money > Disbursements

Questions? Still, have more questions? We're always happy to help however we can. Shoot us an email or chat with us in live chat.

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