API Integration

Welcome! Here at Xendit, our mission is to provide payments infrastructure that helps you succeed. We help with both the money in (accepting payments), money out (disbursing payments), managing your merchants via xenPlatform, and many more. Use cases range from platform business to eCommerce, SaaS, and everything else in between.

Xendit API allows developers to access the functionality of Xendit. Some example API methods include accepting payments, sending invoices, disbursing funds, and managing account information.

Xendit API is organized around REST. Our API has simple, easy-to-use, and consistent to provide you the best integration experience. Most of our APIs transfer information via JSON and we provide simple and intuitive request parameters, response payload, status, and errors.

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We'll cover the following topics under API integration

  • API keys and authentication
  • IP Allowlist
  • Postman
  • Webhook

Last Updated on 2023-09-04