Payment Links

Payment links are an upgraded version of what we previously referred to as “XenInvoice”. Payment links help collect payments from customers by sharing a URL that leads to Xendit’s free checkout page which contains all of Xendit’s payment channels. You can generate a payment link from your Xendit dashboard; no coding is required, and you don’t even need a website. Share the links via WhatsApp, social media channels, SMS, or email, and get paid instantly.

Here are the types of payment links:

ProductsFeaturesUse Case
Single Payment LinkOne link for single payment with closed amountOne-time payments
Multiple Payment LinkOne link for multiple payment with closed or open amountDonation, On Demand
Batch Payment LinkCreate payment links in a bulk using excel sheetOne-time payments, mostly for high number transactions


Payment link is available in Indonesia 🇲🇨, Philippines 🇵🇭, Thailand 🇹🇭, Malaysia 🇲🇾, and Vietnam 🇻🇳

Payment Channels

Payment link can receive and detect payments from major banks in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, local/international cards, retail outlets, eWallets and direct debit. One simple and easy integration with our payment link system grants access to the payment channels your customers prefer.

Click here for the full list of available payment channels.


When your customer successfully completes a payment, Xendit detects the incoming payment and sends a notification (callback). The incoming funds will appear on the Xendit Dashboard Balance tab, and the payment status will be updated on the Payment Link tab.

Click here for the complete flow per payment channel.


Multiple Payment ChannelsEnable your customers to choose from different payment channels (Cards, Banks VA, retail outlet, e-wallet, direct debit) on a single payment page
Automatic NotificationSet the callback URL to your business. You can also choose to send create, paid, and expired payment link email notifications to your business email and your customers
Free and Customizable UICustomize your Checkout UI: from business name and logo, description, language, colors to payment channels
Expiration DateYou can set different expiration dates per payment link or set a default expiration date in customize invoice settings. The payment link can be valid up to one year after creation
Monitor Transactions in Real TimePayment link status and details are updated on your Xendit dashboard in real time. You can also download CSV reports of your payment link transactions
Updated Payment InstructionsWe provide the latest “how to pay” instructions for your end customer to have a seamless payment experience
Currency EstimatorXendit can only process payments in Indonesian Rupiah, Philippine Peso, and United States Dollar, but we can show the estimation of other currency for your customer
With or without API integrationPayment link can be created using the Xendit dashboard or the Invoices API
QR CodeAside from the payment link URL, you can share the QR Code with your customers to scan with their mobile cameras to access the Checkout UI

Last Updated on 2024-05-22