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Notification and Callback

Last updated 01/12/2022


Notify Your Customer

XenInvoice enables you to send automated notifications to your customers, which can be configured based on your business’s needs.

You can send notifications to your customer:

  1. When an invoice is created
  2. Before an invoice is due (reminder)
  3. When an invoice is paid
  4. When an invoice expires

We support the following notification channels:

  • Email

    Available for Invoice, Recurring and On Demand

  • SMS

    Available for Invoice

    SMS will be sent by Plus_SMS

  • Whatsapp

    Available for Invoice

    WhatsApp message will be sent by Xendit Support in Live Mode

To configure notifications for all your invoices, go to Settings > Customize Invoice > Invoice Settings > Customer Notifications to select the channels you want to send notifications through. You may select none or any combination of the available channels.

To help increase conversion rates, you can set the reminder notification to be sent hours or days before invoice due.

Notifications for Your Business

As a merchant, you can also choose to receive an email notification for paid and/or expired invoices on Settings > Customize Invoice > Invoice Settings > Merchant Notifications. This will enable you to receive real-time notifications when your customer has paid or the invoice has expired.


Currently, XenInvoice can give two types of callbacks:

  • Paid Callback: Callback that is given when your customer successfully pays for the invoice before it expires
  • Expired Callback: Callback that is given when your customer does not pay for the invoice before it expires

You can configure the callback URL in your Dashboard > Settings > Callbacks. You can enable expired invoice notifications to your callback URL by ticking the “Also notify my application when an invoice has expired” checkbox. Below is an example of where to set your callback URL for Invoice.

Resend Callback

In case you need to receive again the invoice callback again, you can resend callback on Dashboard > Callbacks > Resend. You can also use the Search Bar to query transactions you want to resend callbacks for.