Single Payment Link

Single Payment Link is a link to accept one-time payment with a fixed amount. It helps you to bill your customers and accepts payment using several payment channels.


FieldWhat to Fill
Reference ID*Unique identifier of a payment link in your system. There are no character restrictions for External ID. Sample: Invoice-Payment-10/01/2021
Amount*Total Amount Due = The total amount your customer will pay for a specific payment link (can be in IDR, PHP or USD) without basket items. Note: If you choose Total Amount due, you do not have to input the items basket (Show Order Items) for the payment link Show Order Items = Breakdown of the items the payment link is billing for. Requires Item Name, Quantity, and Unit Price. Note: If you choose Show Order Items, you do not have to input Total Amount Due because we automatically calculate the total amount based on your inputted item quantities and unit prices. Accept any Amount = Lets your customer to define the amount for the payment. This is suitable for Donation or On Demand use case. If you choose this, your payment link will automatically be a Multiple Payment Link.
DescriptionShort description for your end customer to know what the payment link is for. You can use this free field to type notes or describe the purpose of the payment link. Sample: October 2021 electricity bill payment for Apartment Unit #1A
FeeA flat fee that will apply to the entire payment link, regardless of the payment method and channel your customer uses to pay. The admin fee is automatically added towards the total payment link amount. You can setup which fee you want to collect by going to Checkout Settings > Fee Types.
Customer DetailsEnable you to input your customer information such as name, email and mobile phone to send payment reminder and notification via email, SMS and/or WhatsApp.
Advanced SettingsConfiguration for your specific payment link. You can set the expiry date, payment methods available, and success/failed redirect URL.

*Required field

Create Single Payment Link via Dashboard

  1. Login to your Xendit dashboard
  2. Go to Payment Links
  3. Click "Create" to get started
  4. Fill in the required and optional (if necessary) fields
  5. When you’re done filling in the fields, click “Create Payment Link”

Create Single Payment Link via API

Follow these steps to create a payment link via API:

  1. Follow the instructions on the Create Invoice section of the Xendit API Reference to start creating your invoice via API
  2. Setup your Invoice Callback URLs in Xendit Dashboard (for invoices paid and expired and paid after expiry to minimize discrepancy status issue caused by delay callback from payment channel partner)


Here are some questions you may have:

What is the difference between a Single Payment Link and a Multiple Payment Link?Single Payment Link is used for one-time payments and it is one link for a single payment with a closed amount. Multiple Payment link is used for Donation or On Demand, and it is one link for multiple payments with a closed or open amount.
Is it possible to have my own checkout UI?No, currently you can only use the checkout UI from Xendit. However, you can customize the button and background colors to match your company branding.

Last Updated on 2023-05-17