Batch Payment Link

Batch Payment Link allows you to create up to 100 different payment links with a single Excel file upload. Similar to a bulk upload, Batch Payment Links can help you save time and effort when generating invoices for your customers. This feature is useful as you do not have to manually create invoices 1 by 1 for many customers.

Create Batch Payment Link

These are the fields that you will be asked to fill in the excel file.

FieldWhat to fill
External ID*Reference ID of the payment link
Amount*Has to be a positive amount
DescriptionDescription of the payment link
Customer NameCustomer’s name
Customer EmailAn email address on the receiving end

*Required field


After uploading the excel file, there are three possible statuses batch payment links can have:

In ProgressThe payment links are still in processAt this moment you need to wait for 1-5 minutes until the payment links created are available on the Payment Link tab
Uploaded with issuesThe payment links are uploaded but they have incorrect inputs that needs to be fixedTo fix the payment link with issues, you need to upload the new batch payment link again with the fix included
CompletedAll of the payment links have been successfully createdYour payment links are created and available on the payment link tab and are ready to be paid by your customers

Create Batch Payment Links

Follow these steps to create batch payment links:

  • Download the Batch Link Template file
  • Fill out the file accordingly (in the second tab called “template”)
  • After completing the template, upload the Excel file and input the Batch Reference
  • Click "Create"
  • If your upload is successful, you will be able to see the results on your Batch Payment Links page. Here is an example of the result:

Viewing Individual Payment Links

After successfully generating the Batch Payment Links, you can click on each batch to view each individual payment link. Click the “here” button to go into more details.

You will be redirected to a list of your newly generated payment links.

Rules and Limitations

These are the limitations to this feature at the moment:

  • Currently only supports a maximum of 100 rows. If you exceed this, it will return an error response directly after you upload the file.
  • Only support positive amounts. If you put a negative amount, then the specific row will not be generated as an invoice and will return “Upload with Issue” status.
  • No External ID should be duplicated in the same file. If there are duplications, then the duplicate row will not be generated as an invoice.
  • Upload with issues cannot be edited, you need to upload another file with the fixes.
  • Can only be sent via email. Does not support WA, SMS and Viber as of now.


Here are some questions you may have:

How do I generate more than 100 payment links at once?You will need to split them into separate excel files as each upload can only have a maximum of 100 rows.
Do I need to follow the template provided or can I adjust the fields?You must follow the template provided. You will also need to fill out the External ID and Amount field while the rest are optional.
What is the difference between Batch Payment Links and Multiple Payment Links? Batch Payment Links lets you send customized single payment links to many end customers with a specified amount at once. Multiple Payment Links lets you send the same payment link to many customers with a specified or open amount.

Last Updated on 2023-05-17