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These features are available in Indonesia 🇲🇨

In some countries, customers using credit or debit cards can make payments via installments, where they pay for a purchase over multiple billing statements. As the merchant, you will receive the full amount (after fee deduction) as if it were a normal Charge. The cardholder's issuing bank handles the installment payment over time. Note that the end user (cardholder), should see a charge for the full amount on their bank statement. This is expected, as the full amount is settled to the merchant (you) from the issuer, but the cardholder repays this amount over the installment tenor i.e. they need not pay the full amount during their next billing cycle.

Installment Setup Guide

Xendit’s Credit Card APIs help you to offer card payments using 0% interest installments. Details are below:

IssuerCountryCommercial SetupXendit Pricing
BNI, BRIIndonesiaEmail to confirm inclusion in service agreement and pricing3mo (5%) / 6mo (7%) / 12mo(10%) + 2000 IDR fee per installment transaction
HSBC, OCBC, UOBIndonesiaLegal agreement between you and each of these issuers allowing you to process installment transactionsRegular card processing fee in your service agreement
BCAIndonesiaLegal agreement between you and the issuer allowing you to process installment transactionsIn most cases, requires a BCA merchant ID which you will need to setup with us2000 IDR per installment transaction
% fee is between BCA and you

User Journey - Payment using Installment

There are 2 ways for you to offer installments using Xendit to your customers:

Checkout via XenInvoice

Once your customer land to XenInvoice checkout page and choose credit card as payment channel, Xendit will return installment plan if the issuing bank match with your Xendit account setup. Below is the example of user journey via XenInvoice checkout page:

Checkout via Your Merchant UI

If you want to integrate with us using your own UI, check out our Integration and Testing - Installments page to see how you can get started!

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