Once you have received card payment from your customer, the money will be available in your Xendit account for withdrawal to your bank account. Process of money movement from issuing bank to acquiring bank called as settlement.

Settlement process may differ depending on the integration model you use with Xendit (Aggregator/Facilitator)

DefinitionUsing Xendit’s Merchant ID which allows merchant to receive card payments without having to have their own AcquirerRequires the merchant to have their own Merchant ID from their Acquirer.
Merchant Region SupportIndonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and ThailandAny country
Settlement CurrenciesIndonesia: IDR Philippines: PHP, USD Malaysia: MYR Vietnam: VND Thailand: THBAny currencies that are supported by the Acquirer
Responsible for SettlementXenditAcquirer
Settlement termIndonesia: T+5 days Philippines: T+5 days (PHP Transaction) T+7 days (USD Transaction) Malaysia: T+7 days Vietnam: T+7 days Thailand: T+7 daysDepending on the acquirer
Transaction Cut-off Time2PM GMT+7 Settlement for transactions that are made after 2PM will be available the next dayDepending on the acquirer


  1. If I use the Facilitator model, is Xendit involved in the Settlement Flow?
    1. No, Xendit is not involved in it. It is directly between you the merchant and the acquirer bank, therefore any inquiries about the settlement should be directed to the acquiring bank
  2. Can I settle payments from foreign cards to a USD account in Indonesia?
    1. No, Bank Indonesia regulations require Indonesian merchant to settle only in IDR
    2. International merchants can settle in the currency of their legal jurisdiction

Last Updated on 2024-02-12