Rules and Limitations

Below are the comprehensive information on rule and limitation applied for cards based on business country :

ValueIndonesiaPhilippinesAdditional Informations
Supported CurrenciesIDR- PHP - USDWe accept all currencies if you bring your own MID from the acquirer to accept the currency and as long as it complies with your business country regulations.
Minimum amount5,000- PHP : 20 - USD : 0.01
Maximum amount200,000,000- PHP : 700,000 - USD : 200,000
Installment Min Amount500,000-Maximum amount is same as Cards transaction maximum amount (200,000,000 IDR)
Card Brand Supported- Visa - Mastercard - JCB - BCA Card* - AMEX* - GPN* *Contact if you are interested.- Visa - Mastercard - JCB* *available upon request

Last Updated on 2023-09-25