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Rules and Limitations

Below are the comprehensive information on rule and limitation applied for cards based on business country :

ValueIndonesiaPhilippinesAdditional Informations
Supported CurrenciesIDR- PHP
We accept all currencies if you bring your own MID from the acquirer to accept the currency and as long as it complies with your business country regulations.
Minimum amount5,000- PHP : 20
- USD : 0.01
Maximum amount200,000,000- PHP : 700,000
- USD : 200,000
Installment Min Amount500,000-Maximum amount is same as Cards transaction maximum amount (200,000,000 IDR)
Card Brand Supported- Visa
- Mastercard
- BCA Card*
- GPN*

*supported by bringing your own MID
- Visa
- Mastercard
- JCB*

*available upon request
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