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Failure Reason/eWallet Error

Below is the list of common error in eWallet payment, we divided the error into 2 categories for easier understanding :

  • Error during payment creation
  • Error during payment execution
StageErrors/Failure CodesReason
Payment creationAPI_VALIDATION_ERRORThere is invalid input in one of the required request fields
Payment creationEWALLET_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTEDYour requested ewallet_type is not supported yet
Payment creationDUPLICATE_PAYMENT_REQUEST_ERRORThe payment with the same reference_id has already been made before
Payment executionREQUEST_FORBIDDEN_ERRORAPI key in use does not have necessary permissions to perform the request. Please assign proper permissions for the key
Payment executionUSER_DID_NOT_AUTHORIZEUser did not authorize the payment request within the time limit
Payment executionACCOUNT_BLOCKED_ERRORUnable to process the transaction because the user account is blocked
Payment executionDUPLICATE_PAYMENTDuplicate Payment - There’s already a transaction with same reference_id
Payment executionSENDING_TRANSACTION_ERRORError while sending transaction notification to OVO
Payment executionUSER_DECLINEDUser declined the payment request
Payment executionPHONE_NUMBER_NOT_REGISTEREDPhone number is not registered in the e-wallet provider's system
Payment executionEWALLET_APP_UNREACHABLEThe ewallet provider/server can't reach the user ewallet app/phone. Common cases are the ewallet app uninstalled/ network issues
Payment executionOVO_TIMEOUT_ERRORThere was a connection timeout from the OVO app to the OVO server
Payment executionCREDENTIALS_ERRORThe merchant is not registered in e-wallet provider system
Payment executionACCOUNT_AUTHENTICATION_ERRORAuthentication has failed
Payment executionEXTERNAL_ERRORThere is an error on the e-wallet provider side