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eWallet Checkout Methods

Last updated 02/17/2021

Xendit supports various eWallet checkout methods from eWallets providers to suit our merchants’ use cases. This section explains the type of checkouts available and how each eWallet could differ from another in the methods they provide.

One time payments

One time payments refer to guest checkouts where end users are required to perform payment authorization (via OTPs or PINs) each time they intend to pay for their purchases. This is very commonly used for payment flows which allow end users to quickly complete their payment without requiring sign ups or providing personal information. There are 2 types of one time payment flows which are provided by eWallet providers - payment via redirection and payment without redirection.

Existing eWallet channels and available payment flows

Types of redirection urls available

eWallet providers supports redirection urls for different device types. To provide our merchants with full flexibility, we return in our API ewallet charge request with the following parameters.

It is recommended that merchants pick one of the follow for each device type based on what is available from each eWallet provider

  • Device with stand-alone screens : desktop_web_checkout_url OR qr_checkout_string
  • Mobile devices : mobile_web_checkout_url  OR mobile_deeplink_checkout_url

*If a redirection url works for both desktop and mobile devices, Xendit will duplicate the url in both desktop_web_checkout_url and mobile_web_checkout_url parameter.

 Tokenized payments

Coming soon!

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