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Testing eWallet

Last updated 02/17/2021


Testing and development with Xendit eWallets does not require an activated account. Once you register for a free Xendit account, you can begin simulating eWallet payments via API immediately.

Testing eWallet payments

  1. To do eWallet testing with Xendit, first create a secret API key for development mode. Make sure to assign permission for moeny in as WRITE
  2. Follow and refer to our API reference for details on request requirements
  3. Send a ‘POST’ request to https://api.xendit.co/ewallets/charges using your development API key

To simulate and test errors/ failures scenarios, please follow the information below.

Testing Scenario eWallet

Positive Scenario

ScenarioCriteriaExpected Result
Successful payment - one time paymentAny number other than 20101-20111A response with payment “PENDING” status will be returned immediately to the POST request Once end user authorizes the payment, completed or failed, a callback will be returned with “SUCCEEDED” or “FAILED” status

Negative Scenario

ScenarioCriteriaExpected Result
eWallet payment channel hasn't been activated. Activate eWallet via Xendit DashboardAmount = 10100API Response Error 403 CHANNEL_NOT_ACTIVATED
eWallet provider service is unavailableAmount = 10101API Response Error 503 CHANNEL_UNAVAILABLE
Xendit service is experiencing unexpected errors (rarely happen)Amount = 10102API Response Error 500 SERVER_ERROR
Customer's account has been restricted by eWallet providerAmount = 20103ACCOUNT_ACCESS_BLOCKED failure code via callback
Customer's should contact the provider for resolutionAmount = 20104INVALID_MERCHANT_CREDENTIALS failure code via callback
Merchant credentials met with an error with the eWallet provider. Please contact Xendit customer support to resolve this issueAmount = 20104INVALID_MERCHANT_CREDENTIALS failure code via callback
Customer declined the payment requestAmount = 20105USER_DECLINED_PAYMENT failure code via callback
Customer's account detail is invalidAmount = 20106INVALID_ACCOUNT_DETAILS failure code via callback
Customer's account has reached maximum transaction limitAmount = 20107MAXIMUM_LIMIT_REACHED failure code via callback
Customer's device cannot be reached. Common reasons include unstable network, device error or jailbroken device.Amount = 20108USER_UNREACHABLE failure code via callback
eWallet provider service is experiencing unexpected issuesAmount = 20109CHANNEL_UNAVAILABLE failure code via callback
Insufficient balance on customer's walletAmount = 20110INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE failure code via callback
Customer's account has not been activated. Activate account before retryingAmount = 20111ACCOUNT_NOT_ACTIVATED failure code via callback

If you still using our previous eWallet API, testing scenario can be access below:

  1. OVO
  2. DANA