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Invoice Statuses

Last updated 10/27/2021

To enhance your experience, Xendit Invoice has its own status that will help you to easily identify which invoice is already paid, not paid, or can't be paid anymore. These are the possible statuses Invoices can have:

UnpaidInvoice has been successfully created and can be paid by your customer until the expiry date you have set
PaidInvoice has been successfully paid by your customer

You can also get paid email notifications by activating paid email notifications on Settings > Invoices > Customize Invoice
SettledThe funds have settled to your Xendit account and can be withdrawn from your balance tab

Please note that not all invoices reach settled status (eg. BCA Switcher) and not all will be settled at the same time. Settlement time depends on the payment method and channel used by your customer to pay for the invoice. You could refer the settlement in here.
ExpiredInvoice has expired before your customer was able to pay for it. Invoice can no longer be paid or reactivated to be active

You can customize invoice expiration for all invoices at Settings > Invoices > Customize Invoice, or set duration per invoice at invoice creation
ActiveFor recurring and on-demand invoices to continue being sent to your customer to pay in the interval and duration you had specified
StoppedRecurring and on-demand invoices cycle has been stopped and can not be recreated or sent to your customer