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On Demand Invoices

Last updated 06/14/2021

Xendit On Demand Invoices allows merchants to accept payments from different customers with a single payment link. On Demand enables you to create a reusable payment link that can generate multiple invoices for different customers so you won’t have to manually create invoices one by one.Β 

There are plenty of use cases for this feature - you can put the On Demand payment link on your Instagram profile for customers to pay, configure it as a redirect link to your website's product button or use it as a QR for events.

Aside from On Demand, Xendit also provides On Demand Donation Link. On Demand Donation Link works similar to On Demand, but will always have an open amount. The donor can put any amount that they want to donate when visiting the On Demand Donation Link.

Xendit On Demand is free, and you can create the link straight from the Xendit dashboard.

On Demand and Donation Link are available in Indonesia πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ and Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

On Demand vs Invoice

There are some distinguishable features in On Demand that are not applicable in regular invoices and vice versa. Please refer to the information below to help you assess on what type of invoice best suits your business needs:

CategoryInvoiceOn Demand
ProductGenerated once to collect a single paymentGenerated once to collect multiple payments (up to the limit set on dashboard)
Platform AvailabilityAPI and DashboardDashboard
AmountSet by inputting defined amount at invoice creation via API or on dashboardSet by inputting a closed (defined) or open amount for all invoices
Flow Upon Clicking Payment LinkDirected to invoice page with payment method selectionsDirected to customer information form and then redirected to invoice page with payment method selections