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On Demand Invoices

Last updated 09/23/2019


Xendit On Demand is a product that is useful if you want as little integration as possible with your customer. Instead of creating an invoice one by one, On Demand allows you to create a link that can be used to generate multiple invoices for different customers. There are plenty of use cases for this feature: You can put this link on your Instagram profile; as a redirect link to your website's product button, use it as a QR for your events, or even share the link via chat for your customers to pay.

Xendit On Demand is free, and you can create the link straight from the dashboard. Our On Demand will generate invoices that you can customize on Dashboard > Invoice > Custom Invoice. Every customer will receive an invoice upon entering the required information: email, name, phone number, and address. This is how an On Demand will look like from the end customer’s point of view after opening your link:

Because On Demand will generate invoices, you may also want to learn about it on our invoice documentation

Create On Demand

To Create On Demand, you can go to Dashboard > Accepting Payment > On Demand.

Parameter that needed to be inputed:

Unique On Demand LinkYou can set your Unique On Demand link to generate
Amount per InvoiceAmount that will be paid per invoice
Active duration per invoiceDuration before the invoice expired
DescriptionDescription that will be shown on the invoice
Order LimitLimit invoice count per On Demand
Count limitHow you want the limit to be counted

On Demand Limit

On Demand will have a limit. You can choose how you want to limit your On Demand, either by invoice paid or invoice active If your On Demand link reach the limit, it will not receive another payment.

ConditionWhen you set limit by invoice paidWhen you set limit by invoice active
Invoice Created-counter +1
Invoice Expired-counter -1
Invoice Paidcounter +1-

On Demand Reporting

On Demand will have reporting on Xendit dashboard and you can see the status of your On Demand transaction with all the invoices reporting

On Demand VS Invoice

These are the differences of On Demand and invoice product on Xendit:

  1. Product

    • Invoice is a product to collect payment and generated once, and
    • On demand is a product to generate Invoices automatically depends on limit that stated on creating the On Demand from dashboard
  2. Availability

    • Invoice is available on API and dashboard
    • On Demand is only available on dashboard
  3. Amount

    • The amount on invoice is depends on the amount that inputted on create invoice through API or Invoice tab on Xendit Dashboard
    • The amount on On Demand is inputted upfront once and will be applied for all generated invoice
  4. Flow after creation

    • After created, Invoice only show payment method, channels and payment instruction together with amount, invoice issuer and invoice expire time
    • After created, On Demand will show the field for recording customer information, and then after your customer submit his data, On Demand will direct your customer to invoice to collect payment online
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