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Hosted Checkout (XenInvoice)

Last updated 05/31/2021

Xendit Hosted Checkout (XenInvoice) is a free pre-built payment page that provides a seamless payment experience to you and your customers. You can use Checkout through the Xendit Dashboard, Invoice API or Third-Party Plugins. Xendit Checkout can be paid via debit/credit cards, banks, retail outlets, eWallets and direct debit. It automatically detects payments for real-time status updates on your dashboard.

ProductsFeaturesUse Case
Checkout/InvoiceCustomizable payment methods
Closed amount
One-time payments
RecurringCustomizable payment methods
Closed amount
Subscription model, installment plans, recurring donations
On-Demand / DonationCustomizable payment methods
Can be closed or open amount
Payment link on your Instagram profile, redirect link to your website’s product button, QR for events, share the link to customers via chat
Invoice is available in Indonesia 🇲🇨 and Philippines 🇵🇭

Payment Channels

Hosted Checkout pages can receive and detect payments from all Indonesian banks, major Philippine banks, local/international cards, retail outlets, eWallets and direct debit. One simple and easy integration with our invoice system grants access to the payment channels your customers prefer.


When your customer successfully completes a payment, Xendit detects the incoming payment and sends a notification (callback). The incoming funds will appear on the Xendit Dashboard Balance tab, and the invoice status will be updated on the Invoice tab.