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Hosted Checkout (XenInvoice)

Last updated 08/29/2019


The fastest way to get started offering payments

Xendit Hosted Checkout (XenInvoice) offers a pre-built payment page that provides a seamless payment experience to your customers. You can use Invoices for one-time payments, subscriptions, or anything in between! Xendit Invoices automatically detects payments and invoices can be paid via credit cards, banks, retail outlets, ewallets and direct debit.

Hosted Checkout is free - create payment pages anytime using either the Xendit Dashboard or the Invoice API.

Invoices can be opened from both web and mobile-web, support Bahasa Indonesia and English, and supports payment methods, error handling, and instructions for end customers.


Once the payment has been successfully completed, Xendit detects the incoming payment and sends a callback. The incoming funds will show up in the Xendit Dashboard as a balance in your Cash Account, and the invoice status in the Invoice tab will also be updated.


Hosted Checkout pages can receive and detect payments from all Indonesian banks, international cards, retail outlets, e-wallets and direct debit. One simple and easy integration with our invoice system grants access to the payment channels your customers prefer.

Quick Setup

  1. Set your business logo and name on Dashboard > Settings > Your Business

  2. Decide whether you will use an API or dashboard

    1. If you use API

      1. Use documentation Invoice API docs
      2. Set your callback Dashboard > Settings > Developers > Callbacks
    2. If you use dashboard Dashboard > Invoice

  3. When you go live, activate the Virtual Accounts that you want Dashboard > Settings > Configuration > Invoice

  4. Set your default invoice on Dashboard > Invoice > Custom Invoice

  5. Paid and Expired invoice will be updated on your dashboard invoice page