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Last updated 02/10/2021


  • Switcher model

    Kredivo settles directly to Merchant’s bank account; Xendit is not involved in the settlement process.

  • Settlement Schedule

    Tuesdays for Thu 00:00 - Sun 23:59 sales

    Fridays for Mon 00:00 - Wed 23:59 sales

  • Billing

    Fees will be deducted by Kredivo upon settlement to Merchant’s bank account


  • Aggregator model

    BillEase settles to Xendit; Xendit reconciles and settles the amount to Merchant’s Xendit dashboard.

  • Settlement SLA

    T+5 business days reflected in cash balance in Dashboard. Available balance can be withdrawn anytime.

  • Billing

    Fees and VAT will be deducted upon settlement to available balance