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PayLater/Cardless Credit

Last updated 10/27/2021

What is PayLater / Cardless Credit?

Online payments have grown tremendously, yet countries like Indonesia and the Philippines still have low credit card penetration. Moreover, the other cash-based options require customers to have full value upfront to complete their purchases.

PayLater offers a solution for these problems!

With PayLater, you can allow your customers to buy now and pay later in installments. Customers with an active account in Xendit’s PayLater partner can shop in your store via flexible installment loans.

You can enjoy significantly lower payment processing fees than credit cards and bank transfers. On top of that, you will get a full settlement upfront regardless of the plans your customers choose, so you can enhance your operational budgeting. There are no chargeback risks for you as our PayLater partners will take care of that!

Use Cases


Increased purchasing power for uncarded consumers looking to buy high value items such as gadgets, appliances, and furniture.

Day-to-day purchases

Manage your budget and use credit to pay for essentials and activities such as groceries, food deliveries, clothing, and entertainment.

Utilities and subscription payments

Never miss payments for bills again while waiting for payday to come


No cash or credit card? No problem

Reduce cart abandonment with PayLater. Our PayLater partners offer easy access to credit with their quick application process.

Peace of mind for your customers

Increase your customer’s trust with your platform by giving them options to pay after receiving their orders.

What PayLater/Cardless Credit platform is Available with Xendit?

PayLater is available in Indonesia and the Philippines.

  • Indonesia : Kredivo, Akulaku
  • Philippines : Billease

PayLater Plans

Our PayLater partners offer flexible payment plans suitable for every type of purchase. Your customers can make a one-time payment due in 30 days, or choose installments of up to 12 months.

Loan repayment is a transaction between your customer and PayLater partner only. Full amount will be settled to you regardless of the payment plan chosen by your customer. No chargeback risk for you as Merchants as our PayLater partners take care of it!

Why use Xendit for Paylater/Cardless Credit Payments?

Xendit offers a truly seamless payment flow for PayLater. As an aggregator, Xendit manages all the integrations with multiple partners. So you only need to integrate once with Xendit to open multiple PayLater channels!

Other reasons why Merchants prefer Xendit:

  1. Proven track record with customers for high service uptime and quick response time
  2. Dedicated tech team to keep up to date with latest features
  3. Handles multiple partner integrations and their unique integration challenges gracefully
  4. One integration for all available and future PayLater that Xendit integrates with