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Billing Statement

What is the billing statement

The billing statement is a summary of all the transactions that have been fully completed during one month, called the billing period. This billing statement will summarize the number of transactions and the volume of transactions that was processed with Xendit products over the course of the month. Within the billing statement, the fees will also be calculated that show the amount due to Xendit. Depending on the deduction type, these fees will have either been paid already (for Direct deduction) or will need to paid and settled (for Indirect deduction). All of this information is displayed in the billing statement.

Billing statement structure

An example of a billing statement with a selection of products

How to read the billing statement

Product level calculations

TermDefinition or DescriptionCalculation Method
Unit PriceThe agreed upon fee rate per transaction for the particular product. This are the fees that are agreed on in the PKS (Service Agreement) or any applicable AddendumsAS stated on contractual agreement on the PKS (Service Agreement)
QuantityThe number of transactions recorded in the billing period month for the productAs recorded over the billing period month
VolumeThe transaction amount recorded in the billing period month for the productAs recorded over the billing period month
Billed AmountThe calculated total amount of fees for the product (excluding VAT_ **_charges)**Fixed fee: Unit Price * Quantity Percentage fee: Unit Price * Volume

Aggregate level calculations

TermDefinition or DescriptionCalculation Method
SubtotalThe sum total of the Billed Amount column from the product level calculation tableSum(Billed Amount)
VAT (10%)The 10% applied VAT (aka PPN) charges based on the Subtotal value10% * Sum(Billed Amount)
Fees PaidThe total charges already paid in for those products under Direct deduction type *Only applicable for Direct deduction productsSum(Fees Paid Amount)
RoundingThe difference between what has already been paid in by Direct deduction type products and the calculated Fees Paid *Only applicable for Direct deduction productsSubtotal + VAT (calculated) - Fees Paid
TotalThe sum total of all charges net the fees already paid and rounding (where applicable)Subtotal + VAT + Fees Paid - Rounding

The first table contains the product level calculations, which lists out each product line by line and calculates the amount that has either been billed or needs to be billed. When a product is on Direct deduction the “Billed Amount” will reflect what has already been paid, and when a product is on Indirect deduction the “Billed Amount” will reflect what will need to be paid. 
The smaller second table contains the aggregate level calculations, which combines the billing information from the above table(s) and calculates what is the final billing total for you or your company. Every billing statement will always have a “Subtotal” and a “VAT” line item. Depending on whether Direct deduction products are used, there may be up to two additional line items for “Fees Paid” and “Rounding”. The total remaining amount in the “Total” line item is the remaining fees and VAT charges that will need to be settled.

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