Xendit Invoice

What is Xendit Invoice

Xendit invoice is a summary of all the transactions that are billed in a billing month. It will outline the quantity and volume of transactions that were processed by Xendit over the course of the billing month.

Xendit Invoice structure

An example of a Xendit Invoice with a selection of products

How to read the Xendit Invoice

A. Business name and business legal address

B. Invoice detail

  • PKP
  • NPWP
  • Issuing date
  • Invoice period
  • Invoice number

C. Summary of the invoice

  • Invoice period
  • Total payable
  • Payment due date
  • Pay now button which redirects you to the Billing page on dashboard

D. Product level calculation

  • This table contains all the products you have used in the billing month with the corresponding billed amount calculated
TermDefinition or DescriptionCalculation Method
Product CategoryThe category of product your business utilized (e.g Money In, Money Out, XenPlatform)As recorded over the billing period
ProductThe breakdown of the method or payment channel your business used to receive paymentAs recorded over the billing period
Unit PriceThe agreed upon fee rate per transaction for the particular product. Referred to the consented fee on PKS (Service Agreement) or any other applicable Addendums)As stated on contractual agreement on the PKS (Service Agreement)
QuantityThe number of billed transactions recorded over the billing period for the particular productAs recorded over the billing period
Transaction VolumeThe billed transaction amount recorded over the billing period for the particular productAs recorded over the billing period
Billed AmountThe calculated total amount of fees for the product (excluding VAT charges)Fixed fee: Unit Price Quantity Percentage fee: Unit Price Volume

E. Fees paid deduction calculation

  • This table contains all the fees you have paid to Xendit including VAT, which contributes to the calculation of your final total payable
TermDefinition or DescriptionCalculation Method
SubtotalThe sum total of the Billed AmountSum (Billed Amount)
Value Added TaxTax on the consumption of goods and services which commonly expressed as a percentage of the subtotal value% * Sum (Billed Amount)
DeductionThe total fees paid including VAT from your Xendit cash balanceSum (Deduction Amount)
RoundingThe difference between actual fees paid for direct deduction products and the calculated billed amountTotal deduction - (Subtotal + VAT) (Subtotal + VAT) - Total deduction
Total PayableThe sum of total remaining fees and VAT charges that will need to be settledSubtotal + VAT + Fees Paid + Rounding

F. Invoice payment instructions

  • Information on 2 available payment method as stated in our docs
  • Merchant’s Billing Mandiri VA number details

Last Updated on 2024-04-29