Reconciling your Xendit Invoice

Reconciling your Xendit Invoice

To match transactions to your Xendit Invoice, use our Billing Report.

The Billing Report shows the full list of individual transactions and associated fees that were charged in the monthly Invoice.

When Xendit charges a fee

Xendit will charge a fee when a transaction is: 1. Settled for payments 2. Created for switcher payments 3. Completed for payouts

For example, a transaction created on 30 October but settled on 2 November will be charged with Xendit fee on 2 November. This also means that the transaction will be included in November Xendit Invoice instead of October Xendit Invoice.

How can I download my Xendit Invoice and Billing Report?

There are 2 ways you can download your Xendit Invoice and billing report

Via Customer Dashboard: 1. Go onto Settings > Billing Statements 2. Click the 3 dots on the right side of your bill 3. Click 'Download Billing Report'

Via Email: 1. Set up the email recipient for billing-related emails by going onto Settings > Email Recipients 2. Click the ‘+ Add recipient’ button and a pop-up window will appear 3. Write your email address under the email recipient field 4. Tick the Billing Statements checkbox under ‘Receive the following reports:’ section 5. Once set up, you will receive an email to download your invoice and billing report latest by every 7th of the month

Available columns in the Billing Report

The table below provides the definition of every column available in the Billing Report.

The most important columns for reconciliation are:

  • transaction_type
  • transaction_channel
  • transaction_label
  • is_switcher
  • transaction_amount
  • fees_paid_amount
  • vat_paid_amount
transaction_idThe transaction_id used in balance history and transactions tab reports
referenceThe unique identifier you input for the transaction. Usually the external_id or reference_id in your transaction request
transaction_typeThe product such as VA_PAYMENT, EWALLET_PAYMENT, etc
transaction_channelThe subcategory of transaction_type used such as DANA, BNI, BCA, etc
transaction_labelThe subcategory of transaction_channel used such as QR, Installments 3 Months, etc
is_switcherWhether a transaction_type was a switcher transaction. Only relevant for Virtual Account and Cards transactions
calculation_methodThe identifier of refund fee calculation of refund transactions. DEFAULT = Full refund. VARIABLE_FEE_REFUND = Partial refund. NO_FEE_REFUND = Refund transaction with no fee refunded
business_idThe unique identifier used to identify a Xendit merchant
billed_atThe timestamp of a transaction being billed based on your registered country timezone. For example, Indonesian merchants will have GMT+7 while Philippines merchants will have GMT+8 as the timestamp timezone
flat_feeThe flat fee billing rate used for the transaction to calculate the transaction fee
fee_percentageThe percentage billing rate used for the transaction to calculate the transaction fee
transaction_amountAmount of the transaction
fees_paid_amountFees paid for the transaction. Applicable to direct deduction transactions only
vat_paid_amountThe amount of VAT charged to the transaction. Applicable to direct deduction transactions only

Last Updated on 2024-04-29