Bill Payment

There are 2 ways to pay your bills:

  1. By topping up your Billing Balance
  2. By paying manually with your Xendit Balance or Mandiri Virtual Account (only available for Indonesian businesses)

What is Billing Balance?

Billing Balance contains funds that you set aside for the purpose of paying your bills. If you have any unpaid bills, the total outstanding amount will be automatically deducted from your Billing Balance at 12:00 am (GMT+7), starting from the oldest one. You can top up your Billing Balance any time.

How to Top Up Billing Balance

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click Settings > Billing Statements
  2. You’ll see your Billing Balance under your Total Outstanding Bill amount. Click Top Up
  3. Choose how you’d like to top up. You can transfer from your Xendit Balance or Mandiri Virtual Account (only available for Indonesian businesses)

How to Pay Bills Manually

If you'd like to pay your bills immediately, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Billing Statements page on your dashboard. You can do this by:

  • either logging in to your Dashboard and going to Settings > Billing Statements;
  • or by clicking the Pay Now button on the invoice that you receive in your email

2. Click the Pay Bill(s) button above your billing statements table

3. Select the bills that you’d like to pay from the list of outstanding bills, and click Next

4. Review your bill summary.

  • If your Billing Balance is sufficient, you can simply click Pay Now
  • If your Billing Balance is insufficient, you can choose to pay the remaining amount with your Xendit Balance or Mandiri Virtual Account (only available for Indonesian businesses)
  • If you choose Mandiri Virtual Account, follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the screen to complete your transfer.

5. You’ll see a confirmation pop-up. Click Confirm

6. Your bill(s) is now paid!

Withholding Tax (WHT) Election

If your business is a legal entity in Indonesia, you can request to get a 2% WHT deduction from your total outstanding bill amount by contacting us at Once approved, you can simply choose to turn this feature on or off in your billing settings. You can access this by clicking the gear icon on your Billing Statements page.

If it is enabled, we’ll deduct 2% WHT from your total outstanding bill amount for payments via Xendit Dashboard. Please remember to upload your Withholding Tax Slips every month to avoid any additional charges.


Q: Can I pay through direct bank transfer with this feature?

A: No, we're not set up for direct bank transfers at the moment.

Q: Can I top up my Billing balance with a Virtual Account outside Indonesia?

A: No. Right now, we can only support Virtual Account top-ups within Indonesia.

Q: What if I didn’t select which bill(s) to pay with my Billing Balance?

A: At midnight GMT +7, we'll automatically deduct your Billing Balance to pay the oldest outstanding invoice(s) until either everything is paid or your balance runs out.

Q: Why can't I upload my WHT slip?

A: You need to be an eligible entity type for direct WHT payments. Once you've paid your bill (either in full or excluding WHT), you'll see the upload button next to each invoice. For the lowdown on uploading your WHT slip, check out the instructions.

Q: Can I pay a different amount than what's on my bill?

A: Our billing rates are set, and we don't accept partial payments. If you spot an error or have any questions about your bill, please contact or your Account Manager.

Q: Can I bulk transfer Xendit Balance to Billing Balance for future bills?

A: Yes, you can!

Q: Do I need to log in to top up via Virtual Account?

A: If you've saved your Virtual Account top-up instructions and don't need to pick which bills to pay, you don’t need to log in. You can go ahead and make your transfer, and we'll validate your payment at 12:00 am (GMT+7).

Q: What if I closed the instructions for the Virtual Account payment too soon?

A: Don't worry, there's a banner on your Billing Statements page where you can view the instructions again.

Q: What if I forget to complete my Virtual Account payment?

A: Don’t worry, you can still make your Virtual Account payment, and we'll apply it to your selected invoice(s) once we receive it. Or, if you change your mind, you can cancel the payment via the banner on your Billing Statements page.

Q: How do I cancel my Virtual Account payment? What if I'd like to switch payment methods?

A: You can simply click See Instructions on the blue banner on your Billing Statements page, then click Cancel Payment.

Payment reminder notifications and frequency

Xendit will be sending notifications of unpaid invoices every 1st of the month for outstanding invoices that lasted more than 60 days. Notifications will be sent to your registered finance email address and business WhatsApp number.

According to the Terms of Payment and Method on service agreement, Xendit has the authority to automatically deduct the total service fees due and payable for the services provided from customers’ balance. For more details, please refer to your service agreement.

Last Updated on 2024-04-30