Billing Payment

Billing balance

The Billing Balance is a separate ledger available on the Xendit Dashboard for the purpose of paying outstanding Xendit Invoices. When there is an outstanding invoice that needs to be paid, funds will need to be topped up into the Billing Balance and there are two main methods to do this,

  1. Transfer available funds from the Live Cash Balance into the Billing Balance
  2. Transfer funds directly into your dedicated Mandiri billing VA (only available for ID customers)

Page for topping up the Billing balance on Xendit Dashboard

Transfer balance funds

If your Xendit dashboard has available funds remaining on cash balance, you may want to set aside some of these funds to pay your outstanding invoices. To do this, navigate to Settings > Billing and Fees > Pay Now > Billing Balance > Transfer Balance.

*However, please note that to be able to execute this, you need to be assigned admin permission. For complete information on dashboard’s user permission, please refer to our documentation here.

Mandiri billing VA

For merchants who prefer to leave their cash balance unaffected, Mandiri billing VA is a recommended option. To pay for the outstanding invoices, you can transfer to the allocated Mandiri Billing VA. Details of the VA number are included in every invoice issued to you and also on the Xendit Dashboard.

To find this information on Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Billing > Pay Now > Bank transfer > Instructions

Please note that this option is currently available for ID customers.

Payment reminder notifications and frequency

Xendit will be sending notifications of unpaid invoices every 1st of the month for outstanding invoices that lasted more than 60 days. Notifications will be sent to your registered finance email address and business WhatsApp number.

According to the Terms of Payment and Method on service agreement, Xendit has the authority to automatically deduct the total service fees due and payable for the services provided from customers’ balance. For more details, please refer to your service agreement.

Last Updated on 2023-09-05