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Billing Balance

What is the Billing Balance?

The Billing Balance is a separate account available on the Xendit Dashboard for the purpose of settling the billing amount. When there is a billing amount that needs to be settled, funds will need to be topped up into the Billing Balance and there are two main methods to do this,

  1. Transfer available funds from the Live Cash Balance into the Billing Balance
  2. Transfer funds directly into your dedicated Mandiri billing VA

Page for topping up the Billing balance on Xendit Dashboard

Transfer balance funds

If your Xendit dashboard has available funds remaining from Money In transactions, you may want to set aside some of these funds to settle the outstanding billing amount. To do this, navigate to Settings > Billing > Pay Now > Billing balance > Transfer Balance.

However, please note that to be able to do this, you need to have a permission as an admin. You can get the access from a person who has an access as the admin by going to Settings> Team Member.

Mandiri billing VA

If you prefer to transfer funds from a bank account, you can do so by transferring to the allocated Mandiri Billing VA. Details of the VA number are included in every billing statement issues to you and also in the Xendit Dashboard. To find this information, navigate to Settings > Billing > Pay Now > Bank transfer > Instructions

How the billing amount is settled

After transferring funds into your Billing Balance, our internal systems will automatically detect the top up into the Billing Balance. In the case that the top up results in sufficient funds in the Billing Balance, our internal system will proceed to settle the oldest, outstanding billing amount. This system will run upon the detection of a top up into the Billing Balance. This allows you the flexibility to top up into the Billing Balance and settle billing amounts throughout the month.

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