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Creating sub-accounts

Last updated 09/23/2019

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The first step when using xenPlatform, is to create a sub-account for each Partner that you will be managing payments for.

For marketplaces, these could be your vendors; for SaaS providers, these could be your subscribers.

There are two types of sub-accounts available depending on your needs.

Owned sub-accountsManaged sub-accounts
How are sub-accounts created?APIAPI or hosted landing page
Who needs to go through Xendit’s KYC process?Platform onlyBoth Platform and each Partner
When can transactions be made for Partners?Immediately after sub-account creationAfter KYC
Whose details do end-payers see?Platform'sPartner's
Who can access the Xendit dashboard?PlatformBoth

For both owned and managed sub-accounts, you will receive a callback with account details every time a new sub-account is created. Save the id in your system in order to create transactions for these sub-accounts.

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Owned: Ready for real-money transactions immediately after creation

Managed: Ready for real money transactions after KYC

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