Partners get a full Xendit account that you can transact on behalf of

We recommend this account type for Platforms that want to enable their Partners to provide a highly customized payments experience to end-customers.

Payments experience

MANAGED accounts are for Platforms that want to offer a “mall”-like payment experience. For example, when you make payment at Grand Indonesia for goods from Adidas and Nike - what you see on your card statement or eWallet app are charges by Adidas and Nike, the tenants of the mall, and not Grand Indonesia.

Creating an account

You can create a Managed account in 2 ways

1. Creation on the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the xenPlatform Accounts page
  2. Click the Add an Account button
  3. Choose Managed account
  4. Enter the valid information and click Done
  5. Your Partner will then receive an invitation email for further registration

You can resend invitation emails if your Partner has trouble receiving them. This can only be done for accounts that have not accepted the invitation and registered

  • On the Accounts page, click the icon to the right of the account you wish to resend the invitation for
  • Click on Resend invite
  • The invitation email will be resent right away. If you still have trouble receiving the email, we advise that you:

2. Creation via API

To create a Managed account via API, pass managed in the type parameter in the request. Your Partner will then receive an invitation email for further registration.

curl --request POST \ --url \ --data '{"email":"","type":"MANAGED"}' 

Once your accounts have been created, you may view them on the xenPlatform accounts page.


Managed accounts undergo an additional onboarding process which is necessary to enable customisation of the payments experience. As part of this process, your Partners will be required to submit additional information to Xendit for compliance.

DescriptionYour Partner has been invited to your PlatformYour Partner has completed registrationYour Partner has started the onboarding process but has not completed itYour Partner has submitted their documentation for Xendit’s review during onboardingYour Partners’ Account has been activated for real-money transactions
Next actionYour Partner has to register their Account via the invitation email that was sent to themYour Partner has to start onboarding process on their Xendit DashboardYour Partner has to submit documents and complete onboardingXendit is reviewing your Partners’ documents and will update with a result within 3-5 business daysYou may start creating real-money transactions for the Account
Callback event sentaccount.registeredN/AN/Aaccount.activated


Accounts can be created in test mode or live mode. Test mode accounts allow you to mock transactions using your test API key and appear on your test dashboard. Live mode accounts can be used to create real-money transactions using your live API key and appear on your live dashboard.


Emails have to be unique across both test mode and live mode. You can delete the sub-account created in test mode from the dashboard, or contact us if you need to delete the sub-account in live mode.


Only Managed accounts created in live mode get access to the Xendit dashboard; test mode accounts do not get access to the dashboard

Next steps

Congratulations! You have now successfully created an account, learn more about managing their payments below:

  1. Accepting payments
  2. Managing funds via Transfers or Platform fee
  3. Paying out

Last Updated on 2023-05-25