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Accounts that are invisible to your Partners and fully controlled by you

We recommend this account type for Platforms that want to get started accepting payments for their Partners quickly with minimal KYC requirements.

Payments experience

OWNED accounts are for Platforms that want to offer a “department store”-like payment experience. For example, when you make payment at Harrods for goods from Adidas and Nike - what you see on your card statement or eWallet app is a charge by Harrods, and not Adidas/Nike.

Creating an account

You can create an Owned account in 2 ways

1. Creation on the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the xenPlatform Accounts page
  2. Click the Add an Account button
  3. Choose Owned account
  4. Enter the valid information and click Done

2. Creation via API

To create an Owned account via API, pass owned in the type parameter in the request and provide a mandatory business_name.

curl --request POST \
--url \
--data '{"account_email":"","type":"OWNED","public_profile":{"business_name":"Merchant1"}}'

Once your accounts have been created, you may view them on the xenPlatform accounts page.


The business name parameter can be used to customize the appearance of your Owned accounts' xenInvoice


Accounts can be created in test mode or live mode. Test mode accounts allow you to mock transactions using your test API key and appear on your test dashboard. Live mode accounts can be used to create real-money transactions using your live API key and appear on your live dashboard.


Emails have to be unique across both test mode and live mode. You can delete the sub-account created in test mode from the dashboard, or contact us if you need to delete the sub-account in live mode.


  1. We never email Owned accounts, and ask for emails only as an identifier; you may use a mock email address for the email parameter
  2. There is a known constraint where newly activated payment methods and changes made to Callback URLs on the Platform do not take effect on existing accounts. We recommend activating all relevant payment methods and setting up your Callback URLs before creating Owned accounts. Alternatively, use the Set Callback URL API to set the Callback URLs for your accounts, or contact us when you need to make a change.

Next steps

Congratulations! You have now successfully created an account, learn more about managing their payments below:

  1. Accepting payments
  2. Managing funds via Transfers or Platform fee
  3. Paying out
  4. Invite Partners to access the Dashboard
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