Rules and Limitation

ValueQRISThai QR
Payment DisplayQR codeQR code
Min AmountIDR 1THB 0.01
Max AmountIDR 10,000,000THB 700,000
Amount Open/CloseDynamic - close amount. Static - open amount✅Currently we only support Dynamic QRs ✅
Limit on Static QROnly 1 unique static QR per merchant or per managed sub-account. Owned sub-accounts will share 1 unique static QR issued to the master account❌Static QRs not yet available ❌
App PIN required for authorization✅To scan a QR code, end users must first log into their preferred banking or e-wallet app. Whether a PIN is required depends on the app's specific login process.✅
Expiration TimeStatic - never expires, can be paid continuously. Dynamic - expires after one payment or 48 hours by default (DANA acquirer only).✅We support expirations. Utilize "expires_at" field during QR Generation. When left blank, QR will not expire.✅
Default AcquirerRegistered before 1 Sept 2022 - LinkAja, unless manually migrated. Registered on 1 Sept 2022 onwards - DANA.N/A
Pay using eWallet points❌ OVO pointsN/A
Test Mode API
Invoice Test 
Refunds❌Refunds not yet available❌
Direct API
Payments API
SettlementT+2 Business DaysT+1 Business Days. If the balance to be settled is below 100 THB, the money will not be disbursed immediately. Instead, we will wait until the settlement amount reaches or exceeds 100 THB and disburse it on the next scheduled transfer date.

Last Updated on 2023-09-29