Rules and Limitation

ValueQRISThai QR
Payment DisplayQR codeQR code
Min AmountIDR 1THB 1
Max AmountIDR 10,000,000THB 700,000
Amount Open/CloseDynamic - close amount. Static - open amount✅ Currently we only support Dynamic QRs ✅
Limit on Static QROnly 1 unique static QR per merchant or per managed sub-account. Owned sub-accounts will share 1 unique static QR issued to the master account❌ Static QRs not yet available ❌
App PIN required for authorization✅ To scan a QR code, end users must first log into their preferred banking or e-wallet app. Whether a PIN is required depends on the app's specific login process ✅
Expiration TimeStatic - never expires, can be paid continuously. Dynamic - expires after one payment or 48 hours by default (DANA acquirer only).✅ We support expirations. Utilize "expires_at" field during QR Generation. When left blank, QR will not expire ✅
Default AcquirerRegistered before 1 Sept 2022 - LinkAja, unless manually migrated. Registered on 1 Sept 2022 onwards - DANA.N/A
Pay using eWallet points❌ OVO points ❌N/A
Test Mode API
Invoice Test 
Refunds❌Refunds not yet available❌
Direct API
Payments API
SettlementT+2 Business DaysInstant settlement

Last Updated on 2024-05-23