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Recurring Payment

Last updated 06/14/2021

Xendit Recurring Payment enables merchants to receive payments on a periodic basis. It will automatically create invoices based on the period you define. Recurring payments are useful for subscription plans or installment systems, amongst many others.

Each recurring invoice can be paid with any payment channel available on the invoice, configured using our Invoice UI or integrated with your UI. Recurring payments can also be used to auto charge debit/credit cards so your customer only has to enter their card details once to charge future recurring payments.

Xendit Recurring Payment is free, and can be created directly on the dashboard or via the Recurring Payment API. Please note that if you create a recurring payment via API, it will have a buffer of approximately 10 minutes before the first invoice is created.

You can customize the recurring payment invoices to suit your payment needs, from invoice duration to available payment channels. To customize your invoices, go to Customize Invoice Settings

Recurring Payment vs Invoice

There are some distinguishable features in Recurring Payments that are not applicable in regular invoices and vice versa. Please refer to the information below to help you assess on what type of invoice best suits your business needs:

CategoryInvoiceRecurring Payment
ProductGenerated once to collect a single paymentGenerated once to collect multiple payments at the specified interval
Platform AvailabilityAPI and DashboardAPI and Dashboard
AmountSet by inputting defined amount at invoice creation via API or on dashboardSet by inputting an amount your customer will pay at each specified interval at invoice creation
Flow Upon Clicking Payment LinkDirected to invoice page with payment method selectionsDirected to invoice page with payment method selections or to invoice paid page (if the recurring payment uses auto charge feature)