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Testing Scenarios

You can simulate in TEST mode both the success scenario as well as various error codes that might be returned in LIVE mode. Refer to the list of supported scenarios below for testing.

Testing Scenarios for Create QR Codes

Positive Scenarios

ScenarioCriteriaExpected Result
Successful QR code creationAny number other than 10100-10102A response with “ACTIVE” as the QR code status will be returned immediately

Negative Scenarios

ScenarioCriteriaExpected Result
Payment request failed because this specific payment channel has not been activated through Xendit. Please activate via Xendit dashboard or our customer success.Amount = 10100API Response Error 403 CHANNEL_NOT_ACTIVATED
The payment channel requested is currently experiencing unexpected issues. The eWallet provider will be notified to resolve this issueAmount = 10101API Response Error 503 CHANNEL_UNAVAILABLE
An unexpected error occured, our team has been notified and will troubleshoot the issueAmount = 10102API Response Error 500 SERVER_ERROR
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