Testing Guidelines


Testing and development with Xendit QR Codes does not require an activated account. Once you register for a free Xendit account, you can begin simulating QR code creations and payments via API immediately.

Testing QR Codes Creations and Payments

  1. Create a secret API key for development mode. Make sure to assign permission for Money-In as WRITE
  2. Set up your preferrred callback URL in the Callbacks section of the Settings tab
  3. Follow and refer to our API Reference for details on request requirements

To simulate and test error scenarios, please use the corresponding values for the amount parameter as specified in the Testing Scenarios for Create QR Codes Endpoint page.

To simulate a successful QR payment, please follow the information below:

  1. Create a dynamic or static QR string via https://developers.xendit.co/api-reference/#create-qr-code
  2. Using the QR ID returned in the response, simulate a payment completion via our QR simulate payment endpoint
  3. Check that callback has been received in the callback URL provided

In production, render the QR string returned in the response into an image using one of the following resources:

  1. Web generator
  2. Node
  3. PHP
  4. Java

Last Updated on 2023-05-19