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Virtual Account

What is Virtual Account (Bank Transfer)?

Virtual Account (VA) makes it easy for you to be able to receive payments via transfer from multiple banks without having to open an account at each bank. This payment method is important to have because almost 80% of payment transactions that occur in Indonesia are via bank transfers. With a Virtual Account, you will get a notification when your customer has made a payment without having to check it manually.

The following is a list of banks that we support to accept payments via Virtual Account:

Bank NameSupported Commercial Model
Bank Central Asia (BCA)Aggregator and Switcher
Bank CIMB NiagaAggregator and Switcher
Bank DBS IndonesiaSwitcher
Bank Jabar Banten (BJB)Aggregator
Bank MandiriAggregator and Switcher
Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)Aggregator and Switcher
Bank Neo Commerce (BNC)Aggregator and Switcher
Bank PermataAggregator and Switcher
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)Aggregator and Switcher
Bank Sahabat Sampoerna (BSS)Aggregator and Switcher
Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)Aggregator

A brief explanation of the commercial model:

  1. Aggregator Model

    If you choose this model, the Virtual Account(s) will be created and maintained by Xendit with the appointed Bank on behalf of You for the purposes of Collections.

    This model allows you to activate all bank channels instantly and provide instant settlement D+0 to your Xendit dashboard after payment is made. For BCA aggregators, the transaction will be settled in D + 1 working days after the transaction date. You can make a withdrawal at any time

    Xendit VA Aggregator Model

  2. Switcher Model

    In this model, the settlement process will be directly to your bank account without going through the Xendit dashboard within a day or in the next working day for each successful payment. This model requires you to follow an additional application process with each bank you wish to use. You also need to open an account at the bank directly if you use this model (you can contact our Account Manager or Customer Service for guidance on the processes and policies at the chosen bank)

    Xendit VA Switcher Model

Why Use Virtual Account from Xendit?

By using Xendit Virtual Account, here are three main benefits that you will get:

  1. Track payments easily. Every payment activity that enters the virtual account will be detected automatically. Now, you can save a lot of time and no longer need to manually check payments.
  2. Receive payments from more than 100 existing banks without having to open a new account at each bank, only by simply integrating with us.
  3. 24-hour Customer Support who are ready to help you at any time.

How does Xendit support VA payments?

A Virtual Account Number consists of 15 -18 digit numbers that are randomly generated from a specified range (for example 8808-1001-000000 to 8808-1001-999999).

Xendit offers 999,999 Virtual Account numbers to new customers to start with. This Virtual Account number range will be set during the activation process. If there is a need for additional Virtual Account numbers beyond the given amount, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Support at

The following below is a table containing the first 4 to 8 digits of the virtual account number which identifies that the virtual account comes from Xendit (aggregator model).

Bank NameXendit Merchant Code
Bank Central Asia (BCA)7007 / 38165 / 38166
Bank CIMB (CIMB)93490
Bank Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)9488
Bank Jabar Banten (BJB)12345
Bank Mandiri88608 / 88908
Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)8808 / 8930 / 7151 / 7152
Bank Neo Commerce (BNC)90100011
Bank Permata8214 / 7293
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)26215 / 92001 / 13281 / 13282 / 13404 / 13405
Bank Sahabat Sampoerna (BSS)40102
Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)9347 / 9655

How is the Payment Flow in Virtual Account Payment?

In overall, here is the payment flow using a Virtual Account:

  1. You provide a Virtual Account payment option on your business payments.
  2. Your customers can choose the Virtual Account payment option and choose the desired bank.
  3. A Virtual Account number will be created and your customer can make payments via bank transfer to that Virtual Account number.
  4. You will get a notification when the payment has been successfully made.

To make a payment with a Virtual Account, your payers can use the following payment tools:

  1. ATM
  2. Mobile Banking App
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Teller (not applicable for some banks)
  5. Telegraphic Transfer (only applicable for DBS)

To learn in detail the customer guide for paying via Virtual Account, please visit Virtual Account Payment Guide.

Start Accepting Virtual Account Payments

To be able to receive payments with a Virtual Account, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Using the Virtual Account API, which is direct integration between your application and the Xendit API service endpoint. Please visit the following link to learn about integration using the API and the following link to simulate Virtual Account payments.
  2. Using xenInvoice, a ready-to-use checkout URL that you can use with other payment methods such as Credit Cards, Direct Debit, Retail Outlets (Alfamart, Indomart, etc.), Cardless Credit (Kredivo), QR Code, and eWallet. Please visit xenInvoice to learn more.
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