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Retail Outlet

Last updated 09/28/2019

What are Retail Outlets?

Retail Outlets (RO) is a payment method allowing your end customer to make payments through one of our physical store partners throughout Indonesia.

Retail Outlets use payment codes, which function similarly to virtual accounts and can either be tied to a customer (fixed) or an invoice (non-fixed).

End customers can visit any Alfamart, Alfamidi, DAN+DAN, Lawson, Indomaret, Indomaret, Indogrosir, Superindo, or i.saku convenience store, inform the cashier of the merchant they are paying to, quote the unique payment code for the transaction, and make a payment in cash or by debit card.

Why use Xendit for Retail Outlet payments?

We provide payments access to two of the largest convenience store chains, Alfamart and Indomaret, as well as their subsidiary brands.  Through Xendit you can easily generate a payment code via API or invoice tool, distribute it to your customer, and receive a callback once the payment has been made.

How does Xendit support Retail Outlet payments? 

Xendit currently supports retail outlet payments at 2 providers: Alfamart and Indomaret.  payments made via retail outlet will settle in your Xendit dashboard. Settlement time is T+5 business days.

Payments are easily identified using payment codes that help us map transactions to the businesses that we serve.

What is the payments flow? 

Below is an example of a typical retail outlet payment flow.

How can ROs be used for Invoices?

Please see the Invoices section for more information on payment methods via the invoice product.