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How to Integrate with Sirclo

In order to support your Sirclo store with Xendit, kindly please follow these steps below:

  1. Login to Xendit Dashboard  here 

  2. Go to Settings > Payment Methods

  3. Click Activate to enable the payment methods

  4. If you want to customize your Invoice appearance, click Settings > Invoice

  5. You can freely customize your Invoice appearance by changing the background color or even the font

  6. Create your API keys by Go to Settings > Developers > API Keys > Generate Secret Key

    Please ensure you choose the permission as below:

    1. Money - in as WRITE
    2. Money - out as NONE
  7. You will get the API key, that can use to input in Sirclo admin page
    Please take a note you need to copy before you click close

  8. Go to Sirclo admin page > Setting > Payment Setting > Xendit

  9. Input the API key that you have generated in step no 7

  10. Choose the available payment methods

  11. Click Save

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