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Rules & Limitations

Last updated 06/11/2020
Supported currencyIDRPHP
Channel codeDC_BRIBA_BPI
Linking TypeDebit CardBank Account Access 
Linking Authorization MethodVia SMS OTPVia Web Authorizer
Requires OTP on paymentsOptional for transactions below 1 mil IDR  Required for transactions 1mil and above IDRRequired
Minimum Transaction Amount1 IDR0.01 PHP
Maximum Transaction AmountDaily limit based on debit card type: Basic: IDR 10 mil Black: IDR 20 mil Platinum: IDR 50 mil50,000.00 PHP
Channel Limits Based on type of debit cards per userCapped at accumulated 50,000.00 PHP per day
Support for Recurring PaymentsYes - for amounts less than 1 mio IDRComing soon! 
Settlement to Cash BalanceInstantInstant