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Rules & Limitations

To ensure a smooth experience between you and your users, take note of the following rules and limitations set by the banks per payment method:

BRIBCA OneKlikBCA KlikPayBPIUnionbank
Account IdentifierDebit Card + Mobile Number + EmailDebit Card + Mobile NumberBCA KlikPay credentialsMobile Bank Account LoginMobile Bank Account Login
Account LinkingDebit CardDebit CardNoneBank AccountBank Account
Authorization MethodNo redirectionRedirectionRedirectionRedirectionRedirection
Payment LimitsMinimum: 1 IDR Maximum per day: Basic - 10M IDR Black - 20M IDR Platinum - 50M IDRVaries depending on end user settingsMinimum: IDR 10k Maximum per day (refreshes midnight): IDR 100MP50,000 dailyNone
Payment Validationvia OTP (not required if transaction below 1M)via OTP (optional depending on BCA anti-fraud logic)via OTP (optional depending on BCA anti-fraud logic)via OTPNot required
Settlement to Xendit balanceInstantNext business dayNext business dayInstantInstant
Settlement MethodPayFac or SwitcherSwitcherSwitcherAggregator/SwitcherAggregator/Switcher