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Direct Debit

Last updated 06/11/2020

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit enables merchants to pull payments directly from their end user’s account balance such as from banks. Direct Debit also allows merchants to offer their end customers to link their accounts to the merchant’s platform to create a seamless payment experience for subsequent transactions.

On top of that, merchants can enjoy instant settlement and fees significantly lower than traditional credit card fees. Merchants also get access to multiple banks across the region via a single integration with Xendit. Xendit also takes care of account token management and refresh on behalf of the merchant.

Which channels are supported by Xendit for Direct Debit?

For Indonesian banks, direct debit is done by linking a bank-issued debit card and using that for payments. Our supported banks are:

  • Bank BRI

For Philippine banks, direct debit is done by authorizing via online banking access first then making payments after. Our supported banks are:

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Metrobank - coming soon!
  • UnionBank of the Philippines - coming soon!

What are the possible use cases for Direct Debit?

  • Online Commerce - Increase payments acceptance rates for high value items with direct debit and receive payments with fast settlement times
  • Subscription Services - Auto debit (recurring) from your user’s bank account without the need for authentication each time - membership fees, SaaS services, OTT services
  • Mobile Wallet Top-ups - Move funds from the user’s bank account to your e-wallet easily and quickly without performing multiple tedious steps
  • Financial Services - Secure payment infrastructure that enable financial companies to receive high value payments on recurring basis - insurance (annual/ monthly), investment plans

Direct Debit Flow

Why Xendit?

  1. Proven track record with customers for high service uptime and quick response time
  2. Dedicated tech team to keep up to speed with latest direct debit features
  3. Handles multiple partner integrations (across the region!) and their unique integration challenges gracefully

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have a registered Xendit account in the country of your operations
  2. To activate a direct debit channel, simply notify your AM or our customer success team.
  3. While waiting for activation, you can start integrating and testing our APIs. You can read more about the integration here.
  4. Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding direct debit. Our team will always be there to help and clear any doubts.