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Direct Debit

Achieve Seamless Bank Debit Transactions

Direct debit enables you to accept payments seamlessly by:

  • Linking your customer’s bank accounts safely, supporting repeat and subsequent purchases
  • Pulling funds directly from your customer’s bank account, completing payments on the same platform
  • Settling funds instantly, allowing better visibility and immediate access to your funds

You will find direct debit useful if you:

  • Look to accept large payments (e.g. luxury e-commerce items, downpayments)
  • Design a cash-in flow or wallet top-up (e.g. digital wallets)
  • Provide a service that is paid on a recurring basis (e.g. subscriptions, monthly investment plans, membership fee renewals)

Payment Experience

What makes direct debit attractive as a payment method is its simple payment experience. Your end users only need to link their bank account and make the payment.

Direct Debit with Xendit

Accept direct debit payments with Xendit through our customizable pre-built invoices, simple APIs and multiple third-party integrations, currently available in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Payment MethodOne-time PaymentsRecurring PaymentsToken-expiry ManagementRefundsTPI with XenInvoice
BCA OneKlikNoneNone🆗None
BCA KlikPayNoneNone🆗Coming Soon

🆗 - manual request via bank

Integration Types

If you are using third-party integrations (TPI), particularly Shopify, Woocommerce and Wix, you may integrate with our XenInvoice to accept direct debit payments. Every time your customer checks out, they will be redirected to their chosen bank for direct debit. To learn more about how to integrate Xendit on your Shopify, Woocommerce or Wix website, you may head to Third-Party Plugins/Extensions in our Integrations section.

Using direct debit on your TPI-powered website simply follows the direct debit generic payment flow. The user interface is pre-built so no development work is needed!

For a live simulated user experience, you may head to and use the sample OTP & log-in details in the Integration Guide.

If you power your own website and use APIs, you may allow your customers to link their chosen banks at any time and return to your page or application should they want to make direct debit payments.

To further view implementation details per available bank channel, you may head over to Payment Flows.

Ready to use direct debit for your business? Head over to Onboarding & Activation. You may also reach out to your Indonesia or Philippines Xendit account manager or customer success for further assistance.

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