PoS Systems

Provide a customized payments experience for your Partners

Point-of-sales Platforms like ESB, Raptor POS (and more!) use xenPlatform to accept payments, charge fees and seamlessly pay out to their Partners.

The typical integration recipe involves:

Creating an account

  1. Use MANAGED accounts to allow your Partners to customize their payments experience (e.g. appearance on end-payers OVO app)

Managing their payments

  1. Accept payments on behalf of your Partners by: i) using our hosted checkout solution (xenInvoice), or ii) building your own payment page with our range of payment options
  2. Automate charging commissions per transaction using our Platform fee feature

Monitoring their transactions

  1. View your Partners transactions on the Dashboard
  2. Download reports for reconciliation on the Dashboard

Paying out

  1. You are in full control of when and how much to pay out to your Partners
  2. Use Disbursements to pay out to your Partners' bank accounts or eWallets
  3. For MANAGED accounts, your Partners can also withdraw payments to their preferred destination directly on the Xendit Dashboard

Please contact us if you need help with your integration.

Last Updated on 2023-05-25