Payment Flows

Making payments through Direct Debit is just a simple two-step process:

  1. Linking: User logs in and selects an account to be used for payments
  2. Payment: User authenticates and complete the payment

You can find the linking flows for each bank in the account linking page. Merchants have the option to bind the linking flow and payment flow for first time payments or have these flows implemented separately.

Once users have gone through the account linking process, they can then use the saved account for future payments without having to link or log in again.Payment Flow

Payment Flow

The payment flow depends on each bank, some banks require additional verification typically in the form of OTP.

Merchants have the option to either integrate with our APIs to perform OTP (See Validate OTP endpoint) using their own frontend, or to be able to integrate faster, they may choose to use our Xendit Hosted OTP page:

Note: OTPs are sent by the bank to the mobile number tied to the user's bank account. The mobile number is not provided in the payment request call by the merchant.

Once the OTP is successfully entered by the user, the payment will be processed by the bank. No additional step is required.

Payment Authentication

Table below shows which bank has the OTP step and which banks have this step as optional.

CountryBankHas OTP stepHas non-OTP flow
PhilippinesChina Bank
IndonesiaBNI Autopay

Need more assistance? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Success or your Indonesia or Philippines Xendit Sales for further assistance.

Last Updated on 2024-05-20