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Onboarding & Activation

Last updated 09/19/2019


Activating Virtual Accounts has never been easier.  With Xendit, registered merchants can go live with VAs from the leading VAs in minutes.  Payments made into the VAs will settle into your Xendit account, and funds can be withdrawn to your bank account at a time convenient for you.

Note: If you are interested in activating virtual accounts tied to an invoice (i.e. non-fixed virtual accounts), please see our Invoices onboarding guide. Not sure of the difference? See our Feature List page.

Activation Instructions

Follow the following steps to activate Xendit Virtual Accounts:

Virtual Accounts that settle in your Xendit Account (recommended)
Timeline: Instant

  1. Create a Xendit account and follow our KYC instructions

  2. Enter bank account details (for funds settlement)

    1. Note: This is not required to go-live.  You can add your settlement bank account details later for withdrawal of funds
  3. Define your 2 callback URLs - VA Creation Callback and VA Payment Callback (see API guide for details)

  4. Activate your Virtual account banks in your Payment methods settings page

  5. Congrats! You’ve now been assigned a virtual accounts range. You can now activate individual VAs through API requests.  See our Making VA Payments page for more details.

    1. Note: Users who had previously tested Fixed Virtual Accounts in Development Mode will be given a new VA range after clicking "Activate!", but the old range will still be active in Development Mode.

Virtual Accounts that settle to your bank account directly (requires individual onboarding with the bank)
Typical timeline: 1-2 months

  1. Create a Xendit account and follow our KYC instructions
  2. Contact your Xendit Account Manager or Customer Support for more information on bank policies and availability
  3. You will need to sign up for a merchant bank account and go through the bank’s KYC process (depending on the bank, this can take 5 days - 1 month)
  4. Once you supply your bank-supplied merchant identification number, we will activate your virtual accounts for that bank.  (note: BCA activation requires user activation testing before go-live).

Try it in Test Mode

Not yet ready to register? No problem! By simply creating a free account with Xendit, you already have access to Development Mode. From there, you can test the Xendit VA API and simulate payments.  For more information, please see our Testing page.

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