Rules and Limitations

Payment Amount

The following is a table of guidelines for payment nominal limitations:

Retail Outlet NameMinimum Payment AmountMaximum Payment Amount
Alfamart (ID)10,000 IDR2,500,000 IDR
Indomaret (ID)10,000 IDR5,000,000 IDR
7 Eleven Xendit Biller (PH - temporarily unavailable)50 PHP10,000 PHP
7 Eleven Merchant Biller via Cliqq (PH)100 PHP50,000 PHP
Cebuana (PH)1 PHP30,000 PHP
ECPay (PH)1 PHP50,000 PHP
Palawan (PH)1 PHP20,000 PHP
M Lhuillier (PH)1 PHP150,000 PHP
ECPay Loan (PH)15 PHP50,000 PHP
LBC (PH)1 PHP300,000 PHP
CVM (PH)1 PHP30,000 PHP
ECPay School (PH)1 PHP50,000 PHP
USSC (PH)1 PHP20,000 PHP
PeraHub (PH)1 PHP20,000 PHP
Robinsons Bills Payment (PH)50 PHP200,000 PHP
SM Bills Payment (PH)50 PHP200,000 PHP

Name Length

The following is a table of guidelines for character lengths in Retail Outlet names:

Retail Outlet NameMinimum DigitMaximum Digit
Alfamart (ID)1 character40 characters
Indomaret (ID)1 character45 characters
7 Eleven (PH - temporarily unavailable)1 character250 characters
Cebuana (PH)1 character250 characters
ECPay (PH)1 character250 characters
Palawan (PH)1 character250 characters
M Lhuillier (PH)1 character250 characters
ECPay Loan (PH)1 character250 characters
LBC (PH)1 character250 characters
CVM (PH)1 character250 characters
ECPay School (PH)1 character250 characters
USSC (PH)1 character250 characters
PeraHub (PH)1 character250 characters
Robinsons Bills Payment (PH)1 character250 characters
SM Bills Payment (PH)1 character250 characters

Allowed Special Character on RO Name

The following is a table of guidelines for the allowed special character on RO name:

CharacterExample use
#Trx Merchant #12345
/Payment a/n Ismail
.N. Merchant
"Kepada "Bapak Ismail"
,Ismail, ST
'Nama Merchant's
(Merchant Cell (Bandung)
)Merchant Cell (Bandung)
&I&R Cell
]Merchant Cell [Jakarta]
[Merchant Cell [Jakarta]

Prohibited Prefix for Xendit PH Merchant

The following is a table of guidelines for the prohibited prefix on Retail Outlets or Over-the-Counter (OTC) in Philippines.

I (big i)ALDI
O (big o)ALDO

Last Updated on 2023-08-03