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There are 2 types of general reports spanning across all payment channels available for all businesses. This is different from each individual payment report you can download from each payment tab.

  1. Transaction Report
  • Shows each transaction joined with Fee and Tax for easy reference
  • Each transaction exists before the money movement is completed
    • For money-in, when payment is made, transaction will be created in pending settlement status
    • For money-out, when payment is initiated, transaction will be created in pending status
  1. Balance History Report
  • Each line signifies a debit or credit money movement from the ledger
    • For money-in, only when the settlement time has reached and money moves to the balance, ledger line will be created
    • For money-out, only when transaction is confirmed by partner and money moves out of the balance, ledger line will be created

Examples of Different Use Cases

Use Cases for Transaction ReportUse Cases for Balance History Report
Reconcile completed payments daily (daily sales)Reconcile money movements like a bank account
Breakdown of fees and vat for each transactionUsing balance history to prepare for audits

Please refer to Transaction and Balance Menu for more detailed information.