Force Cycle Attempt

This feature allows you to force an attempt for the specified action of a Subscriptions cycle. Meaning that Xendit will proceed to charge immediately once you trigger this action. Force attempts won’t change the date of the next scheduled cycle unless you change the schedule date.

Use case

You may need this feature for the example with below condition :

  • Your customer approach you to immediately deduct their balance as their balance has been topped up and want to continue the service
  • Your customer would like to pay the bills earlier than specified date

Rules and Limitations

Dashboard & APIForce Subscriptions Cycle Attempt can be done via Dashboard & API.
StatusYou can perform force cycle attempt for a cycle with status scheduled and retrying
Maximum attemptThe maximum number to perform a force attempt is 5 times in one cycle
CallbackYou will receive recurring.cycle.succeeded callback after Force Subscriptions Cycle Attempt succeeded. However, if its failed then you will receive recurring.cycle.force_attempt_failed

Force Subscriptions Cycle Attempt via Dashboard

To perform force cycle attempt, you may refer to these step below :

  • Login to your Xendit Dashboard
  • Go to Subscriptions tab
  • Choose the plans and click it for details
  • Scroll down to Cycle overview and choose the recent Cycle with status “Scheduled”
  • Click the cycle for details
  • On the right hand side, click “Force Attempt” button and click continue
  • You may refresh the page after triggering the force attempt to see the final status

To help you better, you may refer to our guidance below :


What would happen if I reached the maximum number of force attempts?If you are doing it via API then there will be a validation error MAXIMUM_LIMIT_REACHED. Meanwhile, if you are doing it via dashboard then the “Force Attempt” button will be unclickable and turn to gray.
Once force attempts succeeded, does the next schedule follow the date when we force attempts?No, the next schedule date will keep following the schedule date that you set in the beginning unless you perform to edit the Plan. E.g : - You create Plan with schedule date is every 13th of the month - On the second cycle, you perform force cycle attempt at 10th of the month - The next schedule cycle would remains every 13th of the month

Last Updated on 2023-06-02