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Last updated 09/12/2019

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides you with an interface to support selling your products online.

Shopify allows you to create, edit, and publish your e-commerce website using templates that are easy to use.

Shopify allows you to fully customize your website, online store, and blog. There is a full set of features that can support your selling needs, including creating Shopping Cart, Store Management, Marketing & SEO, and managing the Store Front.

You can use our Shopify integration, in order to enable accepting payments through:

  1. Bank transfer through Virtual Account which supports:

    1. Bank transfer BCA
    2. Bank transfer BNI
    3. Bank transfer BRI
    4. Bank transfer Mandiri
    5. Bank transfer Permata
  2. E-wallet:

    1. OVO
    2. DANA
    3. LinkAja
    4. ShopeePay
  3. Retail Outlet:

    1. Alfamart
    2. Indomaret
  4. Credit Card

    1. Installments
  5. Direct Debit

    1. BRI (Indonesia)
    2. BPI (Philipines)

Why Using Xendit on Your Shopify Store?

Xendit is building a delightful product and want you to have less friction in using our product.

Xendit supports:

  1. Automatically confirmation of your order when it is paid by Your end customer

  2. Automatically expire an order if it is not paid in 1 day

  3. Refund-able credit card transactions

  4. Change Your customers shopping cart flow

    1. You can activate order creation when the order paid or not on Xendit dashboard settings
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