Postman collection

You may test our APIs by sending requests in the development environment--You will automatically get IDR 1,000,000,000 in your development account balance for testing. Requests made in the development environment will not hit the banking networks and will not cost you anything.

he easiest way to get started using our API is to use our Postman Collection. Postman is a free client application that enables you to make calls to APIs easily. To make integrating with our APIs easier, we've created a Postman Collection of our endpoints so that you can test our APIs more easily.

The following is an outline of actions to get started with Postman.

  1. Install Postman.
  2. Download our Postman Collection.
  3. Open Postman and Import the Xendit API Postman Collection.
  4. Set up the collection’s Authorization header.a. Under the Authorization tab of each folder, the default authorization type is set to “Inherit auth from parent”. The “Inherit auth from parent” setting indicates that every request in the folder by default uses the authorization type from the parent.b. Edit the Xendit API collection.c. Under “Authorization”, paste your secret API key into the Username. Use your Development Key to test in the development environment, and your Live Key to send live transactions.d. Click Update.e. This authorization key will be automatically used for each request in the collection.
  5. Try getting your balance
    1. Click on the Balances folder and click Get Balances.
    2. Hit the blue Send button.
    3. In the response area, you should get your latest cash balance.

If you can query your balance successfully, you’re all set up! Feel free to explore our other APIs by selecting it in the collection and launching it.

Last Updated on 2023-05-24