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Multiple Charges


In the previous section on Creating Charges, the method of charging explained will require your customers to enter their card details every time they want to make a payment. By using our Multiple Charges feature, you can allow your customers to perform authentication once, and then charge multiple times using the same token.

There are three(3) steps involved in using this:

Step 1: Create a Multiple-Use Token

Multiple-use token can be created using the same Xendit.card.createToken function in Xendit.js. The difference is that you should add is_multiple_use = true in tokenData.

The result of this function is to create a multiple use token, which will need to be authenticated before being used for capture.

Step 2: Authenticate the Token

To authenticate the token, you can call the Xendit.card.createAuthentication function in Xendit.js.

This function receives three(3) arguments :

  • authenticationData: the authentication details including token_id, amount, and card_cvn
  • xenditResponseHandler: a callback you will need to write that handles the response from Xendit
  • authentication_id: what you can use to charge the multiple use token

Step 3: Charge the Multiple-Use Token

Charge the multiple-use token you have created, using the same endpoint as charging a single-use token.

The difference is that you should add authentication_id as the payload of this endpoint - for example:

curl -X POST   -u xnd_development_O46JfOtygef9kMNsK+ZPGT+ZZ9b3ooF4w3Dn+R1k+2fT/7GlCAN3jg==: \
-d external_id=your-external-id \
-d token_id=your-token-id \
-d amount=17000 \
-d authentication_id=your-authentication-id


$options['secret_api_key'] = "xnd_development_O46JfOtygef9kMNsK+ZPGT+ZZ9b3ooF4w3Dn+R1k+2fT/7GlCAN3jg==";

$xenditPHPClient = new XenditClientXenditPHPClient($options);

$external_id = "your-external-id";
$token_id = "your-token-id";
$amount = 17000; // Amount must match what was passed on createAuthentication in the browser
$authentication_id = "your-authentication-id";
$response = $xenditPHPClient->captureCreditCardPayment($external_id, $token_id, $amount);