User management

The full access to your Xendit dashboard is limited to the owner. However, as the owner, you are able to add account for your staffs and define the access for the Xendit user accounts. To add new users, open your Xendit Dashboard Settings -> Your team -> Team members. In your Team Members Dashboard you will see an interface that looks like a picture below:

The below table gives details on each permission settings that you can set for users:

ViewView transaction details, download report, check billing details and status
EditUpload and delete batch disbursement, validate name mismatch on batch disbursement, generate invoice
ApproveApprove batch and single disbursement
AdminAdd and delete user, edit user access, add, edit, and delete withdrawal bank account, change business settings
Tech SettingsSet API keys, change callback URLs, add and delete summary email recipients
WithdrawWithdraw funds to the registered withdrawal bank account

API key

We provide unique API keys that allows you to interact with our system. You will be required to use your API keys to execute any transactions and funds management - including when and where you want your money to be sent or withdrawn. Please make sure that you do not share your API keys to anyone. The API keys access is available for users with Tech Access.

Ensuring a private and secure connection

Make sure your connection is encrypted by one or more security protocols and use a private connection. This should make sure the data flow through your database is secure.

Keep your logins and password safe

Keep your login details and password to yourself in order to prevent unauthorized access to your dashboard, and clear the login details from your browser. Please also stay alert and avoid any phishing and pop-ups that might request for your login details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My account keeps on logging out, why is this happening?
    You are automatically logged out of your Xendit Dashboard after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is to ensure the security of your account and preventing unwanted access from other people.
  2. My account is locked out, what's wrong with it?
    Our system automatically locks your account after three times of failed login attempts, for security purposes. Kindly check your email inbox or spam inbox and open the email we sent then click Unlock.
  3. I requested a password reset, but there's no email sent to my inbox.
    It might be possible that your account is Locked. You'll need to unlock the account first, and then retry to request the password reset.
  4. I sent a user invite but the recipient didn't receive anything.
    We can advise you to check your spam inbox to make sure if the email was not properly delivered. If it's not found in your inbox, kindly inform Xendit Customer Support and we will help to investigate further.

Last Updated on 2023-05-16