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Transfer between accounts

With xenPlatform, you can flexibly control the balance of your Partners using Transfer. You can transfer any amount of funds from your platform to your partners and vice versa.


Transfer between accounts feature is available in Indonesia 🇲🇨 and Philippines 🇵🇭

Use cases and types of transfers

Transfer TypeUse Cases
- Send bonuses
- Send refunds
- Top up partner’s balance
- Charge platform commission
- Charge subscription fees
- Charge management fees
- Facilitate reselling / dropshipping
- Help manage Partner’s payment operations

For example, if you are a retailer or multi-branch business, you can use this feature to top-up your partners’ balance, send out payouts or bonuses, and charge an administrative fee. Additionally, you can also create transfers from one branch to another branch as well.

Creating Transfers

You can create transfers in two ways:

1. Create Transfer via Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the xenPlatform Accounts page

  2. Click the Create transfer button

  3. Fill in the required fields

    • From: account ID or name where the funds are transferred from
    • To: account ID or name where the funds are transferred to
    • Amounts to transfer: the amount of funds of your choice
    • Reference: a unique identifier of the transfer


2. Create Transfer via API

To create transfer via API, you will need to specify the required parameters:

  • reference: a unique identifier of this transfer
  • amount: the amount you would like to transfer
  • source_user_id: the account balance from which you would like to send the Transfer from
  • destination_user_id: the account balance from which you would like to send the Transfer to
curl --request POST \
--url POST \
--data '{"reference":"Subscription fee for Nov 2020","amount":10000,"source_user_id":"5cafeb170a2b18519b1b8768","destination_user_id":"5f8d0c0603ffe06b7d4d9fcf"}'


  • All transfers will be executed immediately
  • Transfer amount should be less than the total balance of the sender’s account
  • Transfer amount needs to be an absolute number
  • You can only create transfers using the Platform's API key. Sub-accounts that you manage through xenPlatform have no ability to create transfers through this endpoint

Learn more in our API reference

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