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Last updated 09/19/2019

Virtual Account feature selection

The framework below can help you determine which VA is most important for your needs:

Assigning a Virtual Account number

VA numbers can either be assigned by the merchant in the API request, or randomly assigned by the system.  In order for a merchant-assigned VA to be activated, the VA must exist within the merchant’s available range.

Please note that the merchant code is automatically added when the VA is created. Users do not need to add the merchant code when creating a VA.

Virtual Account Payment via Interbank Transfers

We highly recommend directing customers to pay into the VAs using the same bank, i.e. if you have Mandiri, kindly use the Mandiri VA.

If you are unable to use same-bank for payment, we recommend paying into BNI Virtual Account for interbank transfers. Interbank transfers using channels other than BNI VA carry a risk of delayed completion, and may take up to 24 hours.

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